EA FC 24 on Switch was poised to be quite the upgrade compared to its predecessors, and now that it is out, many fans are asking, "Is it really a big change from FIFA 23?"


Fortunately, this time around, EA Sports is taking the Switch version more seriously - and has ported it using the Frostbite engine. But it is not without its drawbacks.

Previously, the Switch version of the FIFA games has felt like an afterthought, with football fans forced to pick up the dreaded 'Legacy Edition' each year - which was arguably nothing more than a reskin of the same game release after release, with new kits and squad updates.

These versions didn’t even feature a full Ultimate Team mode, after all.

While EA FC 24 is definitely an improvement over the Legacy Edition entries, the split between most critic and user opinions is quite large, and below we’ll cover what people's appraisals and gripes are and take a look at the difference in visual fidelity.

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FC 24 on Switch review round-up

It’s a bit of a mixed bag for FC 24 Switch reviews, and there’s a huge gap between critic and user feedback.

IGN’s Andrew McMahon gave the game a 4.0 out of 10 rating, dubbing it as "barely passable" and saying that while it’s more in line with the Xbox, PlayStation and PC versions, "It is still dreadfully out of date."

Missing is the HyperMotion technology that makes EA FC 24 feel so fluid on more modern platforms.

Others had a more favourable outlook, however, such as Chris Scullion for Nintendo Life, who gave it 8/10 and concluded that "Switch owners finally have a port they can be proud of, rather than feeling like an afterthought".

Scullion notes, though, that the drop from 60fps to 30fps does reduce the fluidity - but doesn’t mention the absence of HyperMotion.

Connor Christie over at Pocket Tactics also has more positive things to say with another 8/10, summing up his thoughts with: "EA Sports FC 24 on Switch is finally a handheld version of the iconic soccer simulator worth playing."

Both Scullion and Christie note that the Ultimate Team transfer market is platform-specific, meaning that it is far harder to buy and sell players on Switch than it is on Xbox, PlayStation or PC, as you are part of a much smaller pool.

Over on Metacritic, the User Score as of writing sits at a punishing 2.7, with many players voicing frustration at pervasive bugs and issues, as well as a lack of features found on the more powerful consoles.

FC 24 Switch graphics comparison

Despite the switch to the more modern Frostbite engine, rather than the antiquated engine used in the previous FIFA Legacy titles, the Switch version of EA FC 24 looks quite rough.

As noted earlier, the game runs at 30fps and is missing the HyperMotion technology, meaning that both the gameplay and visual representation of players are notably jerkier.

Texture, model, shadow and lighting quality have all taken a hit, with players looking unsettlingly like wax figurines when compared to their current-gen counterparts.

Below is a video from Cycu1 comparing the discrepancies between the Switch and PS5 versions.

The most immediately noticeable difference, other than the frame rate, is how flat the pitch looks on the Switch. It seems like the not-so-beautiful-anymore game is taking place on a flat clay surface rather than grass.

The direct comparison between players’ faces is quite punishing, too. There is a distinct lack of self-shadows and subsurface scattering – the effect of light passing through material such as clothes and skin. Think of when you shine a torch on your skin and it lights up red.

To sum it up, McMahon in his review for IGN put it best: "EA Sports FC 24 has essentially gone from having PS2-era graphics and frame rate to that of the PS3."

EA Sports FC 24 launched on Nintendo Switch (and every other platform) on 29th September 2023. You can a copy now through stores such as GAME and Amazon.

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