Before you dive head-first into making your Ultimate Team squad in EA Sports FC 24, using a fan-made EA FC 24 Squad Builder will help you decide on your team before you head out to sign players up from the transfer market.


Using a Squad Builder before playing the game will help you learn how chemistry works in the game, and discover who the best-rated players are in any given position.

This can be done without heading onto the game, and will even tell you how much your squad and its individual players cost.

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best FC 24 squad-building tools and can now deliver some top tips to help build your Ultimate Team.

Here is the best EA FC 24 Squad Builder to use, how to use it and some tips on how to build your Ultimate Team squad.

What EA FC 24 Squad Builder tools are available?

The official EA FC 24 Web App and Companion App are useful tools for squad building in FC 24, but using these will actively change your in-game squad.

If you want to play around with a squad to see what players to target at a certain price or how to get the players you want without negatively affecting your coin balance or chemistry, you will want to use a fan-made app.

Luckily, there are a few great EA FC 24 Squad Builder sites available. One of the best we’ve found is FutBin.

The FutBin Squad Builder lets you fully build an EA FC 24 Ultimate Team squad, with all players, formations and managers included. Simply click on a position to enter the player search, where you can select from modifiers including nations, leagues, clubs, skills, weak foot and position.

Once the game has been fully released and Ultimate Team is in full swing, the prices of each player card should be updated.

A screenshot from FutBin

The player cards listed from your search will also tell you how they impact your squad’s chemistry.

In our squad (pictured above), which took just a couple of minutes to put together, we have a rating of 5 stars, 28/33 chemistry and some of the best players available in all positions.

With a little more tinkering, you can get even more out of your squad before you hop onto the transfer market to make it happen.

There are, of course, other squad builders available:

Top tips for EA FC 24 squad building

When building your EA FC 24 Ultimate Team squad, you need to focus on your chemistry. As important as overall player ratings are, chemistry is where your squad falls apart or gels together.

Chemistry works a little differently in EA FC 24 compared to FIFA 23, with each squad earning a possible score out of 33.

Each player card is worth up to three points in chemistry, and this is affected by nationality and club allegiance. Having multiple players from Spurs, for example, will help maximise your squad’s chemistry.

Pair them up with teammates from their nation and league (and in the correct positions) and you’ll be sure to earn a big chemistry score eventually.

The game – and Squad Builders – will let you know your chemistry score and which players are adding what to the total.

After getting chemistry sorted, you’ll want to keep an eye on cost. Player prices will be introduced into EA FC 24 Squad Builders once the game has released and the transfer market begins its yearly dance.

It’s always worth keeping how much a player costs to buy from the transfer market before you put them in a provisional team.

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