Who is Jourdan Riane? Meet Love Island’s Casa Amor contestant and model/actress

She caused a lot of trouble during Casa Amor

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As if the whole “Love Island” experience wasn’t stressful and confusing enough, ITV2 and benevolent overlord Caroline Flack are parachuting 12 new singles into Mallorca (no, not literally, they haven’t got the insurance).


This year, the annual Casa Amor challenge gets a new twist, as it’s the girls taken to a new villa to be charmed by six hunks, while the boys stay at home to meet six bombshells of their own.

Will heads be turned? Will relationships fracture? We can but dream. And one of the actors in this avant-garde take on Love’s Labours Lost is an ACTUAL actor – here’s everything you need to know about Jourdan Riane.

Meet Jourdan Riane

Status: DUMPED

Who was Jourdan coupled up with? Danny.

Age: 24

From: Essex

Job: Model/Actor and Influencer

Twitter: @JourdanRiane

Instagram: @jourdanriane

While Jourdan’s self-proclaimed acting experience might be limited to just one short film, 2019’s Amani, she definitely has an eye for starry celebrity crushes.

“[I fancy] The Hemsworth brothers – I can’t pick between the two,” she says.

“They’re both beautiful. But I’m leaning more towards Liam. And the guy playing Aladdin in the new movie – he is unbelievable.”

That’s Mena Massoud for anybody already clicking over to IMDB – here’s hoping the offerings in the villa can live up to her preferred movie-star good looks…

Who does Jourdan fancy in the villa?

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Jourdan definitely looks set to ruffle some feathers thanks to her interest in the coupled-up trio of Michael, Danny and Tom, the latter of whom she described as “beautiful.”

“I’m going to have to tread on toes,” Jourdan says. “Initially it gives me a knot in my stomach but I have to do what I have to do. I’m going in there to meet someone it could work with on the outside.

“If I have a connection and we get on more than they get on with who they’re with, I have to do it. I’ll never be disrespectful though.”

How so, Jourdan, we may ask her press release?

“Respect and honesty,” she says.

“Not that you can’t step on [the girls’} toes, but you communicate that you have an interest in the guy they are coupled up with. Being a girls’ girl. Being there, being supportive, being honest, even if you have to tell them they are wrong.”

Jourdan’s best traits

Jourdan thinks her “bubbly personality” is her main selling point.

“I’m quite go with the flow but I’m also a ‘don’t cross me’ person. I’m all about energy and being positive and having good vibes. My energy and my vibrant personality is what could make me a good Islander.

“I’m very understanding, something I’ve trained myself to be,” she adds. “I’m very chilled and go with the flow, and I’m a good listener.”

And worst traits?

“I can be impulsive, impatient and stubborn,” Jourdan admits. “They’re very rare but I can be all of those.”

Best claim to fame

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“It’s probably my modelling,” Jourdan says.

“I did a double page spread for Elle last year, and I did Vogue Italia.”

Just in case you were wondering where you’d seen her before! Though given that she has almost 300 thousand Instagram followers due to her Influencer work, you might know her from there instead.

What has Jourdan been up to in the villa?

Things got steamy between herself and Michael, with the pair discussing sharing a bed as seen in this Love Island: Aftersun clip.

Had Danny forgotten Arabella already?

A smitten Jourdan said: “I think you know that I am into you and I do find you attractive, we do get along.  I just need to know where your head’s at…”

The duo coupled up, and Jourdan remained in the villa as a fully fledged Islander.

However, her short stint came to an end when the public voted her and Danny as their least favourite couple in the villa.


Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2