“My mind is absolutely blown”: Marcella viewers are in total shock after series two finale

Anna Friel's detective drama ended with a surprising – and spectacularly grisly – finale

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Admit it, you didn’t see that coming. Not only did Anna Friel’s troubled titular detective remember (via a bit of hypnotic therapy) that she accidentally killed her own child, but Marcella’s series finale saw her smashing colleague Rav with a toilet cistern before cutting off her hair and slicing through her cheek à la The Joker. The episode left Marcella, nine day’s later, sleeping rough under a bridge, covered in her green parka.


Suffice to say, viewers were completely blown away by Marcella’s unexpected (and downright gruesome) twists…

Yet some viewers were left with a few questions. Why did Marcella slice up her face? Was she in a dissociative state at the time? And just who was that man who met Marcella under the bridge at the episode’s close? (If you’re confused, don’t worry: writer Hans Rosenfeldt answered all our queries here).

Some viewers welcomed the mysterious twists and shared their hopes for a third series of the drama…

And a third series is just what writer Hans Rosenfeldt is hoping for. Although ITV hasn’t yet confirmed if the drama will be back, Rosenfeldt told RadioTimes.com the finale was “all a bit of a set up for series three, when Marcella actually goes undercover”.

So, the self-sabotaging sleuth could be back – and here’s hoping Rosenfeldt will give her an easier ride next time.


This article was originally published on 10 April 2018