Meet the cast of ITV’s Innocent

Lee Ingleby stars as an ex-prisoner determined to prove he didn't kill his wife – while Hermione Norris plays the victim's sister who insists he's guilty


What happens when a man is freed from jail on a technicality – and, after seven years in a high-security prison, still insists he didn’t kill his wife?


ITV drama Innocent, from screenwriter Chris Lang, introduces us to the very angry David Collins (Lee Ingleby). Now he is out of jail he is determined to clear his name, win back his children and find his wife’s real killer.

But for viewers, the question remains: is David truly innocent or not?

Here are the characters you need to meet – and the actors who play them…

Lee Ingleby plays David Collins

Innocent - Lee Ingleby plays David Collins

Who is David Collins? After seven years behind bars and multiple murder trials, David Collins is finally free on a technicality. He was accused of killing his wife Tara, but has always insisted on his innocence. Now he’s out of jail and determined to clear his name and expose the ‘real’ killer. Even more importantly, he wants his children back.

Where have I seen Lee Ingleby before? We recently said goodbye to Inspector George Gently, and to his sidekick DS John Bacchus – played by Lee Ingleby. The actor is also known for his role in The A Word as Paul Hughes and in Line of Duty as Nick Huntley. But a real throwback would be his star turn in 2004’s Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban as Knight Bus conductor Stan Shunpike.

Hermione Norris plays Alice Moffatt

Innocent - Hermione Norris plays Alice

Who is Alice? David’s sister-in-law. Her sister Tara was murdered and Alice is utterly convinced it was David who did it – so she’s pretty unhappy to see him freed from jail. In David’s absence, she has gained custody of his kids and spent the last seven years raising them with her husband. They have become the children she was never able to have.

Where have I seen Hermione Norris before? You’re most likely to remember her from Cold Feet, where she played Karen Marsden. She went on to star in Wire in the Blood, Spooks, Kingdom and In the Club.

Adrian Rawlins plays Rob Moffatt

Innocent - Adrian Rawlins plays Rob

Who is Rob? Alice’s husband, and the children’s uncle.

Where have I seen Adrian Rawlins before? In his pre-beard days, Adrian Rawlins played Harry Potter’s dead father James Potter. He is also known for portraying Arthur Kidd in 1989’s The Woman in Black, and recent credits have included Hard Sun, Girlfriends, and Dickensian.

Angel Coulby plays DI Cathy Hudson

Innocent - Angel Coulby plays DI Cathy Hudson

Who is DI Cathy Hudson? After multiple collapsed trials, the police have come out of this looking bad. DI Cathy Hudson is put on the case and asked to approach it from scratch, with the help of a brand-new team. She is determined to find out if David really did it. But what her bosses don’t know is that she’s in a serious relationship with DI William Beech (Nigel Lindsay) who was in charge of the original investigation.

Where have I seen Angel Coulby before? The actress played Laura Roebuck in The Tunnel, and Gwen in the TV series Merlin. In Dancing on the Edge she starred alongside Chiwetel Ejiofor, John Goodman, Matthew Goode, and Anthony Head.

Nigel Lindsay – DI William Beech

Innocent - Nigel Lindsay

Who is DI William Beech? The original cop who pursued David Collins for Tara’s murder. He is utterly convinced of his guilt.

Where have I seen Nigel Lindsay before? A veteran TV actor, Nigel Lindsay has played Sir Robert Peel in Victoria, Tony Walsh in White Gold, and Tony Kelsey in Unforgotten. He also starred as Jonno in The Tunnel and Barry in Four Lions and originated the title role in Shrek the Musical in the West End.

Daniel Ryan plays David’s brother Phil Collins

Innocent - Daniel Ryan plays David's brother Phil

Who is Phil? David’s kind-hearted brother Phil has spent the last seven years protesting his sibling’s innocence. Now David is out of jail, he is living with Phil and trying to get back on his feet. The two brothers are very close.

Where have I seen Daniel Ryan before? Home Fires fans will remember Daniel Ryan as Bryn Brindsley. He’s also appeared in Mount Pleasant, Skins, and Still Open All Hours.

Elliot Cowan plays Tom Wilson

Innocent - Elliot Cowan plays Tom Wilson

Who is Tom WilsonTom was David’s friend. He initially confirmed David’s alibi for the night of the murder, but then changed his story.

Where have I seen Elliot Cowan before? Many will recognise Elliot Cowan as Lorenzo de’Medici from Da Vinci’s Demons. Others may recall him as Mr Darcy from Lost in Austen or more recent projects The Frankenstein Chronicles, Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands and Krypton.

Fionn O’Shea plays David’s son Jack

Innocent - Fionn O'Shea plays David's son Jack

Who is Jack? You really have to feel sorry for David’s two kids. Seven years ago their mother was brutally killed, and then their father was accused of her murder and sent to jail. They were robbed of both of their parents in one go. For the last seven years they have been living with their aunt and uncle (who they call mum and dad), but now their real dad is free they must work out whether they think he is truly innocent and if they want a relationship after all this time. Jack is grappling with this question.


Where have I seen Fionn O’Shea before? The young actor has appeared in The Centre, Roy, Handsome Devil, and The Siege of Jadotville.