Viewers spotted something very familiar about BBC1’s new game show Partners In Rhyme

"Basically half an hour of Ant and Dec's Wonkey Donkey"

Len Goodman in Partners In Rhyme

Viewers of a certain age may recall SM:TV, Ant and Dec’s ITV Saturday morning show. And if they had more than half an eye on it during the late 90s/early 00s they will also remember a popular segment called Wonkey Donkey in which viewers phoned in and attempted to identify a rhyming item (such as a Twee Bee, Fat Cat or the eponymous Donkey with a missing leg) while Dec got increasingly frustrated at their failure to do so.


Fast forward 15 years to Saturday night, BBC1, and we have Len Goodman’s new gameshow Partners In Rhyme, which challenges contestants to guess rhymes such as “Russell Brand in a one man band”.

And it seems that some former SM:TV viewers were tuning in…


Yes, yes they have…