Jeremy Clarkson and James May endure ‘US makeover’ to prepare for The Grand Tour series 2

Spray tans, white teeth and dodgy wigs – it's The Grand Tour presenters as you've never seen them before

The Grand Tour Croatia -Jeremy Clarkson

The Grand Tour boys are back for a second series on Amazon Prime on 8th December and to prepare they experimented with a brand new look to appeal to the ‘American market’ –  a joke US makeover, complete with orange spray tans, shiny new teeth and dodgy wig combovers.


Remind you of anyone?

Grand Tour, Amazon publicity image via Freud, BD

Above is Clarkson and below is James May in in all his, er, glory.

Grand Tour, James May's US makeover, Amazon publicity shot via Freuds, BD

Jeremy Clarkson and James May had the work done – but Richard Hammond’s pearly white teeth apparently didn’t need any work, so he never made it to the make-up chair. As this short film shows:

“We tried to make the guys look more American,” says producer Andy Wilman, explaining that his new bosses wanted the show tailored to the US market.

He added: “I didn’t work brilliantly. They don’t look like Brad Pitt, we know this. We though Jeff [Bezos, Amazon chief executive] would like it though. We had Richard done. That cost nothing.”

Joking aside, Wilman ensured Clarkson fans that the series has had “no pressure” to adapt since its series one debut last year.

“But actually, to be fair, we had no pressure to change our show to suit the American market,” Wilmas said. “They have never asked us to say trunk rather than boot.”

(Amazon, JG)

The new series will open with a film featuring Hammond, Clarkson and May travelling to Switzerland to test three powerful supercars.

The sequence almost ended in tragedy when the trio filmed it earlier this summer, with Hammond’s Rimac Concept One careering off the road and travelling more than 100 metres down a mountainside before bursting into flames.


The Grand Tour series two will be released on Amazon Prime Video on Friday 8th December 2017