EastEnders: Bex confronts Louise over kissing Shakil

Is the girls' friendship officially over?


The friendship between EastEnders’ Bex Fowler and Louise Mitchell is in jeopardy after tonight’s revelations that Lou betrayed her best mate by blabbing about her kiss with teacher Mr Pryce to Bex’s ex-boyfriend Shakil Kazemi – before snogging Shaki herself.


In the first of this evening’s double bill, Lou mistakenly let slip to Shaki about Bex’s crush on Mr Pryce and their illicit kiss which led to him being hounded out of town after Sonia discovered his dodgy dalliance with her daughter.

Going from being hopeful of a reunion with ex Bex to completely humiliated at being rejected for one of their teachers, insecure Shakil sought comfort from Louise only for an innocent peck to awkwardly turn into a full-on kiss, witnessed from afar by Bex.

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The second helping of Walford drama saw Shakil admit to big brother Kush that Bex had kissed Mr Pryce and word quickly spread to a fuming Martin. The mortified girl eventually persuaded her protective parent not to report the incident as she had initiated the kiss after her crush got out of hand, and that Mr Pryce was long gone.

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When Louise admitted to being the one who told Shaks in the first place, ballistic Bex reeled from the double betrayal as she admitted to Lou she saw her kissing the cute Kazemi in the cafe. The next time we saw Louise after the frosty showdown she was raging at Shaki for lunging at her and making Bex believe they’d deliberately done the dirty.

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Poor Shaks went from thinking there might be a chance for him and Bex to get back together to being branded a two-timing cheat and accused of getting off with her BFF in the space of two episodes. The kiss with Louise was genuinely a misunderstanding, but it doesn’t look like Bex will believe that…

Is there any hope for Shakil and Bex to reunite now? And can Louise explain herself to Bex or are the former best friends destined to become bitter enemies?

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