Laura Linney returns to Love Actually in trailer for US Red Nose Day sequel

A trailer revealed two main differences between the US and UK versions of the sequel to 2003's Love Actually


Whatever happened to Love Actually’s shy office worker Sarah (Laura Linney), who had a major crush on her colleague Karl (Rodrigo Santoro) but never got to seal the deal back in 2003?


That’s something we didn’t find out in the 10-minute sequel Red Nose Day Actually. But our friends across the Atlantic will soon have a chance to see her storyline when the US version of Red Nose Day takes place on 25th May – and now the first clip of Linney in character as Sarah has emerged. Thankfully she seems happy.

American fans will get to see a lot of the same footage we did, but with more thrown in. We already know that Patrick Dempsey is joining the cast as one of the only Love Actually newcomers – but is he the reason she’s smiling and laughing at her computer screen?

Most of the footage is the same, but weirdly Rowan Atkinson’s character seems to have been transplanted to Walgreens instead of Sainsbury’s. We hope he doesn’t mind too much.


The customer Atkinson is (very slowly) serving is still English, and most of the footage is the same – but all the signs have been swapped, and the whole shop has been transplanted into an American city. What’s all that about?