Vicky McClure terrified Twitter in The Replacement

Viewers were absolutely loving her passive aggressive antics in the thrilling new BBC drama


She’s a fierce and fabulous Bafta-winning actress so it’s little wonder that Vicky McClure revealed she has the power to scare viewers witless in BBC drama The Replacement.


The Line of Duty and This Is England star took on the role of a maternity leave cover architect in the new thriller, and very subtly scared the pants off viewers with her passive aggressive antics.

Paula (McClure) was stepping in to cover for Ellen (Morven Christie) but she got a little too over-familiar with her – and her colleagues – for comfort and viewers were instantly freaked.

But freaked in a very very very good way, mind you.

They LOVED how subtly terrifying Paula was.

LOVED the big twist at the end of the episode… (NO SPOILERS!)

And can’t wait to see what Paula gets up to next…

Sleep well indeed…


The Replacement continues on BBC1 on Tuesday nights at 9pm