Who is Candice Brown? The Great British Bake Off 2016 contestant guide

Everything you need to know about three-time Star Baker ahead of the final


The Great British Bake Off 2016 winner: Candice Brown


Candice has gained a reputation for her complicated and ambitious bakes, which have earned her the title of Star Baker three times – but have sometimes been a disaster as she tries to do too much at once.

But in the final, she nailed every single challenge to be crowned Bake Off 2016 champion!




The secondary school PE teacher from Bedfordshire grew up in her parents’ pubs when she was younger – an experience which she channelled into week two’s gingerbread pub showstopper, complete with sticky ginger carpet and miniature pool table. She now lives with her boyfriend Liam and their pug, Dennis.

Best lines

Candice: “I’m also going to insert some custard.”
Mary: “How’s the custard going to get in there?”
Candice: “I’m going to poke it in, Mary.”

“Can you grab my jugs?” – Candice to Mel when presenting her gingerbread pub.

Track record

Candice certainly caught viewers’ attention in week one, when she was dangerously close to leaving the tent after a shoddy genoise and disastrous mirror glaze cake. She even had a little cry.

How quickly everything changed! It was in week two’s Biscuit Week when she really shone through, earning Star Baker and displaying serious Bake Off innuendo skills in the process.

Candice’s Bake Off journey has been full of highs and lows. She admits she struggled in Bread Week – “Heartbreaking and mortifying. I was so embarrassed and still don’t know what happened” – but rose again in Pastry Week and Tudor Week, creating a 3D peacock marchpane cake showstopper.

Baking inspiration?

Candice told the Radio Times: “My nan was the best. Her baking was amazing – I spent a lot of time growing up with her and my grandad and she was always baking and cooking.

“I stood next to her on the brown dining chair that I dragged through to the kitchen, watching in complete adoration.”

Social media

Candice shares pictures of her cakes and bakes.


She also chats with the other contestants and posts pug videos.