Why you really need to watch US sitcom You’re The Worst

This gem of a series will be a hit with anyone who's dipped even a toenail in the murky waters of love, says Kasia Delgado


If the mere thought of Valentine’s Day makes you retch or you’ve ever culled Facebook friends for posting gushy messages about their partner, there is a TV show which will make you very happy.


You’re The Worst is a US sitcom coming to the UK on Thursday 7th April — and it’s every cynic’s dream. It’s all about British novelist Jimmy (Waterloo Road’s Chris Geere) and music PR Gretchen (Aya Cash) who meet at a wedding and start, rather reluctantly, seeing each other after a one night stand.

The sarcastic, self involved duo click but despise the idea of relationships, instead insulting each other while snorting cocaine, having wild sex and eating lasagne for breakfast. 

It is a complete joy to watch, and even if you don’t take Class A drugs or go to work drunk, Jimmy and Gretchen will resonate with anyone who’s dipped even a toenail in the murky waters of love. 

The other characters are wonderfully dysfunctional too, with Gretchen’s best friend Lindsay (Pitch Perfect’s Kether Donohue) bold, misguided and prone to eating her own body weight in chicken wings. A far cry from a typically dull, able-to-fix-everything female friend role, Donohue’s character is well and truly Gretchen’s partner in crime, with some lines that will make you snort with laughter in a very unattractive way. 

The idea of the anti-romantic rom-com is hardly new: Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck, Judd Apatow’s Love… and that guy Will Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. But often those tales are so much less progressive, or funny, than they promise to be. After 20 minutes of the hugely-hyped Trainwreck, it was clear how conventional the love story was going to be – and I was really disappointed. 

What’s different about You’re The Worst is that it’s better than you think it’ll be, with hints of Channel 4’s brilliant Catastrophe. Jimmy and Gretchen’s love story doesn’t go as you expect it to, and they don’t suddenly become your average, cliched TV couple.

That’s not to say the show isn’t romantic, because it definitely is. Just in a very funny, sharp way which still rewards your investment in their story.

Because even those of us who think Valentine’s Day should be illegal are into romance. Even if we’d dump someone for giving us a teddy bear, we do want things to work out. And You’re The Worst isn’t about resisting relationships; it’s about resisting some of the rubbish that comes with them.  


You’re The Worst starts Thursday 7th April at 10pm on 5STAR