Should Clara and Me have their own Doctor Who spin-off series?

We know Missy wants her own TV show, but could Doctor Who's newest double act beat her to it?


WARNING: Hell Bent series nine finale spoilers. Here we go…


When Clara Oswald and young Ashildr were transported to an alien vessel in The Girl Who Died, we got a hint that the pair might work well together.

Now they’ve blasted off into space and time in a spinning TARDIS diner, we can’t help but wonder what the pair might get up to next. Or who they’ll encounter on their journey.

As far as we know, they’re both now immortal, with Clara frozen just before her last heartbeat and Me still feeling the benefits of that special chip the Doctor sonic-ed up in order to save her life. Hold on, are they actually ‘the girl who died’ and ‘the woman who lived’? Curiouser and curiouser…

Anyway, given that they’re both “immortal” (let’s just run with that assumption for now) and have their own TARDIS at their disposal, surely they’re ripe for their own Doctor Who spin-off?

We’ve even thought of a name for it. Neat right?

Missy could come round to rate their tea. She’d have no problem snooping in the bedroom and throwing some Quantum Shade at the ladies.

Would a spin-off featuring the pair be a fine Doctor Who delicacy? Or a total disaster?


You decide…