The day Peter Capaldi tried to force Peter Jackson into directing Doctor Who

While the Lord of the Rings director just kept polishing his Oscars…

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has wanted to get fellow Who fan (and blockbuster director) Peter Jackson directing an episode of the series for a while – and while in New Zealand for the Doctor Who festival, Peter Capaldi apparently took matters into his own hands. 


In a new sketch, Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor invades the home of the Lord of the Rings director to try and get him to sign a contract with the BBC – only for Jackson to get distracted by polishing his Oscars and watching The Walking Dead.


Home Invasion

This was an interesting weekend…

Posted by Peter Jackson on Sunday, November 29, 2015

It’s a lot of fun, and considering his schedule probably the closest thing we’ll ever actually get to an episode of Doctor Who directed by Peter Jackson. And of course, we can’t wait to see this sketch’s 12-hour extended edition.


Doctor Who continues this Saturday at 8.00pm