Michelle Gomez has joined Twitter!

Well, you couldn't very well keep calling her The Master, now, could you?

Whovians, get ready to hit the ‘follow’ button: Michelle Gomez has joined Twitter – and what timing she has. 


The Doctor Who actress coincided her entry into the world of social media with yesterday’s first episode of the ninth series, which saw her character Missy make a surprise reappearance. (Remember, she was ‘vaporised’ during the season eight finale.)

And with millions of viewers tuning in to watch her newly-formed team with Peter Capaldi’s Doctor and Jenna Coleman’s Clara, Gomez couldn’t help but make her first two tweets Who-themed… 

It WAS fun, wasn’t it? Although, despite joining forces with our favourite Time Lord, Gomez’s female Master certainly maintained her evil, ruthless streak during last night’s episode.

And while Missy is known for pulling theatrical facial expressions, it looks like Gomez is a fan of a dramatic pose if her Twitter picture (left) is anything to go by.


Watch this space for more Who-themed tweets from the Doctor’s frenemy…

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