Bake Off’s Tamal daydreams about sandwich, wins even more fans

A lot of people are pretty sure Tamal is their soulmate after he reveals his bake is inspired by one of the "top two" sandwiches he's had in his life

So this happened on The Great British Bake Off last night:


Sue: “Tamal’s chosen a recipe that has been close to his heart for years.”

What would it be? Something that reminded him of baking at home with his mum? A recipe that’s been passed down from generation to generation? One that’s a family secret, one he’s been dying to share with the nation… nope. 

Tamal: “This is basically inspired by a sandwich that I had.”

All. The. Feels. 

It’s not just any sandwich. Goodness no. This was one of the top two sandwiches of his whole life. Oh yeah, he totally has a sandwich scale.

But which sandwich filling could possibly result in this wistful gaze, I hear you cry?

“It was a pork sandwich and they fried the meat with the fennel and rosemary…” Tamal explained.

“I think about that sandwich quite a lot…” he added, with an expression that would be just as at home on the face of a groom watching his wife-to-be walk down the aisle.  

But Tamal didn’t need to just think about that sandwich anymore. He could replicate it inside a vol-au-vent for the delectation of Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. 

There’s already a pretty vocal Team Tamal online. But this was just the icing on the cake (or rather the filling in the sandwich). 

A lot of people are pretty sure Tamal is actually their soulmate

Obviously this happened

It’s Tamal for the win now, right?

We definitely all need a little trip to Planet Tamal

We’re absolutely all waiting for this

The question of course is, what was the other top sandwich..?

The Great British Bake Off continues next Wednesday at 8:00pm on BBC1


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