Fans create epic live-action Legend of Zelda trailer

Never mind that rumoured Netflix and Nintendo project, Zelda fans have brought Link to life already


The internet lost its collective mind last month when rumours of a Legend of Zelda live-action TV series surfaced and now fans have decided to set the ball rolling with their very own trailer for the show.


The Wall Street Journal first published rumours of a deal between Nintendo and Netflix in early February: a source claimed they were joining forces to create Game of Thrones for a family audience” but details were scant.

A lack of official confirmation hasn’t stopped one set of dedicated fans of the video game getting ready for a live-action Zelda though. In fact, they’ve gone to epic lengths to put together a trailer:

The Zelda Project (a Los Angeles-based group of super fans) is working on a mini live-action movie that’s taken two years to put together.

So much went into this, and so many people poured hours of their free time into making it as awesome as possible! The teaser serves as a prequel to the live-action Zelda movie we are producing this year based on the epic battle between Link and Ganondorf for the fate of the Kingdom of Hyrule and Princess Zelda!” a post on the group’s website explains.

Perhaps they’ll give Netflix and Nintendo something to aspire to. Y’know, if those rumours do turn out to be true…


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