BBC’s Nine O’Clock News starts… but nobody’s there to read it

Martine Croxall was standing in front of the wrong camera when broadcasting began on the Sunday evening bulletin...


It’s not the first time it’s happened – and it certainly won’t be the last – but as cameras began rolling on the BBC’s nine o’clock news on Sunday night, something was missing. A presenter. If you ask us, rather a crucial component.


As the news bulletin went on air, Martine Croxall found herself standing in front of the wrong lens as the main camera zoomed in on an empty desk. All credit to the newsreader, she handled it like a pro, telling viewers, “Good evening and welcome to BBC News. I’m Martine Croxall. It’s nine o’clock. I’m just going to move back to the, er, main set.” 

Acknowledging the on-air gaffe, she then quipped, “I know this has happened before but here we are. If I sidle in you can pretend that you haven’t noticed.”


Sorry, Martine. Can’t do that.