Countdown has orgasmed twice in two days

After Rachel Riley's board displayed the eight-letter word on Tuesday, eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted it again the following day


Countdown’s Rachel Riley was left with a big smile on her face on Tuesday after the risqué word “orgasmed” was spelled out on the Channel 4 afternoon quiz show, courtesy of Dictionary Corner’s Susie Dent and her guest Angelica Bell. 


But it was Susie herself who was left smirking the following day when she appeared to spot it again among the jumbled letters on Rachel’s board. 

As it turned out, the contestants once more failed to notice the high-scoring eight-letter word and it might have gone unmentioned if it wasn’t for the fact that this particular reporter was on holiday and had nothing better to do than watch daytime TV (you’re welcome).


This week wasn’t the first time the snigger-inducing word had been seen on Countdown. Back in November 2013, the players also missed it, but yet again Susie was on hand to point it out.