Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

14-18 April: Sonya is suspicious of Toadie's assistant, while Georgia gets cold feet when everyone assumes that she and Kyle are back together

Monday 14 April


Susan stands firm on her decision that Josh must repeat Year Eleven. He suggests simply dropping out of school, but some tough love from Amber soon makes him buck up his ideas. Toadie’s attractive assistant Talia knows too much about the Rebecchis’ marriage for Sonya’s liking. Sonya is later shocked to find a picture of Talia in her underwear among Toadie’s papers. 

Tuesday 15 April

Brad and Lauren, wanting to find their missing daughter, hire a private detective to help despite the huge cost. Sonya confronts Talia about the photo before firing her. Toadie then arrives home early from South America to find his office trashed. Gossip spreads quickly, causing Georgia to put the brakes on her relationship with Kyle. 

Wednesday 16 April

Sheila is frustrated when Naomi turns down another job, this time a role as Toadie’s assistant. Naomi reconsiders her position and asks Toadie for an improved offer, dependent on her bringing in new work. Bailey thinks he has found a lead in the search for his estranged half-sister. Stephen, Danni’s volatile ex, returns to town, but for whom has he come looking? 

Thursday 17 April

Having acted on Bailey’s tip, Lauren and Brad believe that they may have found Lisa, the girl who was taken from them at birth. While Lauren thinks that she is connecting with her daughter, Terese cannot help suspecting that something is not quite right. 

Friday 18 April

After saying goodbye to Lisa, Lauren evaluates the emotional toll that looking for her child has taken and calls off the search. Brennan plans a quiet drink for Kate’s birthday, but Paul intends to blow him out of the water. Karl returns from England with a new look, leading Susan to question whether he is having yet another mid- life crisis.