Joanna Lumley and her Bond girls kneel before Toby Stephens as 007

The latest actor to play Ian Fleming's secret agent is no stranger to Bond after playing villain Gustav Graves in 2002's Die Another Day...


There are many perks to playing James Bond – expensive suits, cool gadgets, Martinis on tap and, if you’re Toby Stephens, the attentions of Joanna Lumley…


The pair are starring together in a new Radio 4 adaptation of Ian Fleming’s eleventh Bond novel, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and, by the looks of it, they’re having plenty of fun during recording… 

Stephens is reprising his role as 007 (having played the leading man in previous audio dramatisations of Dr No, Goldfinger and From Russia With Love) while Lumley is voicing wicked henchwoman Irma Bunt.

The fourth instalment sees Bond sent to prevent villainous Blofeld from sterilising the world’s food supply using an army of beautiful women. The 1969 film of the same name – which featured George Lazenby’s sole appearance as 007 – also starred a then-unknown Lumley in her first major role. Stephens is no stranger to the movie franchise either, having begun his association with Bond playing evil British entrepreneur Gustav Graves opposite Pierce Brosnan in 2002’s Die Another Day.

Also starring Alfred Molina and Joanna Cassidy, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service will be broadcast on Radio 4 at 2:30pm on Saturday 3 May.