Little Mix icon Leigh-Anne Pinnock is narrating a new adaptation of The Little Mermaid for Audible, which is available to listen to from today.


This version of the fairytale has been adapted by Dina Gregory from the original work by Hans Christian Andersen, with elements of Pinnock's own life experience added to the story.

Of course, given her astronomical success in the music business, it only makes sense that Pinnock's The Little Mermaid also contains fantastical musical elements, featuring original vocals from Anaiis, Kersha Bailey, Sairah Rowe and Nadine Samuels.

The result of their efforts, combined with those of award-winning producers String and Tins, is described as a "magical underwater soundscape" by the audio book service.

Pinnock said: "The Little Mermaid is one of the most iconic fairy tales and it has so many fans at every age. I felt personally drawn to this adaption from Dina, as I related to so many themes within the storyline.

"My narration was inspired by both my own culture and experience and I wanted my community to be represented in this version of the classic tale. I hope listeners enjoy the retelling as much as I enjoyed narrating it!"

The story takes listeners deep beneath the ocean waves to an underwater kingdom constructed of coral and amber, where the merpeople live in secret.

There we meet the titular Little Mermaid, who runs away to the surface in pursuit of a new life, soon discovering a three-masted ship drifting in calm waters and the prince serving on its crew – but don't expect a simple romance here.

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Gregory explained: "In the popular imagination, The Little Mermaid has morphed into a happy-ever-after fairy-tale despite the original story’s darker ending.

"Never destined to marry the prince, this voiceless outsider is forsaken by a world that deems her 'other'. With Leigh-Anne Pinnock narrating this adaptation, I saw an opportunity to reclaim both Andersen’s vision and the little mermaid’s voice."

She added: "As a biracial writer, I’m inspired by Leigh-Anne’s advocacy. Against the odds, she vaulted to pop stardom – only to discover an industry and fanbase often hostile to women of colour. Undaunted, she has used her experience to speak out against racism.

"Who better, then, to give voice to a mermaid who, like Leigh-Anne, follows a dream, endures its trials, and grows stronger for it."

The Little Mermaid comes to Audible on Thursday 23rd March 2023. Get Audible for £3.99 per month for 4 months. Visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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