Fresh from appearing in Harlan Coben's Stay Close On Netflix last year, Richard Armitage's latest project is another thriller but this time it's one that he's written himself.


Armitage's brand-new audiobook, which he also stars in alongside Nicola Walker, is called Geneva. It tells the story of a Nobel Prize winning scientist and her husband who travel to Switzerland for a vital conference, and becoming wrapped up in the revolutionary work of the enigmatic Mauritz Schiller. From there, a high-stakes game ensues.

Armitage spoke exclusively with about the project, and it seems audiences could be seeing a TV adaptation of the thriller in the future.

When asked whether he has ever visited Geneva himself, Armitage revealed he actually went there to scout locations. He said: "I was writing initially from memory because I visited there a long time ago, I think in the early 2000s. And then I wanted to go in winter time but I got caught up in a film project so I couldn't go."

He continued: "But I went at the first opportunity, I mean the book had been written but I went and did a research trip where I went to all of the locations and made sure all of the journeys were the correct length, and just sort of picked up some tiny little details that you can only get from visiting, you can't get it from Google Earth.

"But it was brilliant, it was really exciting to stumble on things that I'm like, 'oh, that can be the cabin in the woods!'. And I found the location of where the Schiller Institute would be and so I did a bit of a location recce for myself, so when I come to make the TV show I'll know exactly where to go."

Asked whether a TV adaptation is something he would want to pursue, Armitage said: "Absolutely! I mean as soon as I can get this under the nose of some people in high places, I will certainly sort of start gifting it to them for Christmas, like 'here’s my audiobook, happy Christmas!'."

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Alongside his live-action roles Armitage is known for voicing Trevor Belmont on Netflix's animated series Castlevania, which is set to continue with a sequel series currently in development called Castlevania: Nocturne.

Geneva will be available exclusively on Audible in November 2022.

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