If you're a fan of sci-fi and podcasts, you'll want to continue reading to find out more about upcoming series The Salvation.


The new eight-part audio run is set to be a unique time travelling experience which will feature themes like mental health and race against a backdrop of action and espionage.

Not only is it set to be a mind-bending kind of audio adventure, but the new series also stars Ariyon Bakare (Good Omens), Rose Leslie (Vigil) and Toby Jones (Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny).

According to Deadline, the podcasts will follow David Miller (Bakare), a "war-scarred veteran grappling with PTSD, who discovers his traumatic flashbacks are gateways to time travel".

The synopsis continues: "Recruited by the shadowy Fallen Arrow, he undergoes a surreal transformation into a time agent, wielding a unique power triggered by 'The Lullaby'.

"He is told to apprehend a rogue soldier wreaking havoc throughout history, with his perilous mission taking to pivotal moments in history such as the Great War and the Cold War.

"Navigating a secret war for time-altering technology, Miller has to safeguard his newfound abilities from rival factions."

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The series comes from entertainment company Fresh Produce Media and producers Free Turn Entertainment, with Free Turn CEO Jon Hamm saying: "Our vision for The Salvation was to craft an utterly immersive auditory journey for our audience.

"It mirrors our ambition of producing a blockbuster Hollywood feature film within the realm of audio. With a stellar cast, top-tier audio design and an original score, we’ve assembled all the essential elements to transport our listeners into the thrilling worlds of time travel and espionage.

"From the humble huts of Bletchley in 1945 to the bustling streets of 1970s Berlin, the harrowing battlefields of France in 1918 to the terrifying scenes of today’s modern warfare, we invite our audience to step into these vividly realised worlds."

Similarly, the chief content officer for Fresh Produce Media, Colin Moore, added: "The Salvation is a great example of our approach to storytelling in audio, highlighting the immense talents of our voice actors to really grip the audience and transport them into the action – in this case, a sci-fi adventure story that will resonate in the US, UK and beyond."

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This isn't the only Toby Jones-fronted project making headlines right now, as he's currently starring in ITV's The Long Shadow and has just been confirmed to play a key role in ITV's upcoming Ruth Ellis drama.

The series will see Jones play the role of Ellis's solicitor, John Bickford, who "gradually realises the extent of Ruth's abuse at the hands of David Blakely – and takes on the fight to make the case for provocation".

The Salvation will be available to listen to on Audible on Thursday 5th October. Check out our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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