X Factor Boot Camp – 60 second recap review

Brand new Boot Camp kicked into action tonight and the judges faced the mighty task of choosing six acts to take to Judges' Houses. Missed it? Catch up in a flash...

Bootcamp is back and so yes, you guessed it, there were a whole lot of tears. 


In fact, I could probably just write tears, everyone talking about fighting for their lives and a whole lot of ‘I don’t knows’ and you’d be up to date.

Each act sang, and if they got a yes from the judge of their category, they took a seat. There were only six seats. So if a better act came along, anyone could be booted out at any minute. 

The judges looked stressed, the acts look stressed, even Dermot O’Leary looked a bit stressed. The crowd turned from yelling SEAT to SWAP.

It was pretty brutal. Like an evil version of musical chairs, with no jelly and ice cream to cheer you up when you’ve lost.

Nicole got angy. Super angry. She stomped backstage like a woman on a mission, swore at the girls about not fighting for it enough (yes, there’s the F word again). Then she went about swapping out some early favourites, including Lydia Lucy, before finally settling on Abi Alton, Hannah Barrett, Jade Richards, Relley C, Melanie McCabe and Tamera Foster. 

Sharon made a start on choosing her acts. Sam Bailey scored the first seat, then Mrs O added Sabrina Rumikie and Joseph Whelan who, based on the clips from tomorrow’s show, looks like he’s also going to cry. A lot. 

No wonder those chairs look wipe clean. 

The X Factor continues tomorrow night at the new time of 8:20pm