Camping, shouting and beards: watch an exclusive clip of Duck Dynasty

The duck hunters and self-made millionaires are a hit in the US - and the third series is premiering in the UK on History tonight


To the untrained eye it might not look like the sort of show destined to pull in huge amounts of viewers. But believe it or not, History’s Duck Dynasty is such a smash hit in the US that it’s even outgunning American Idol.


It seems this gang of camouflage-clad misfits from Louisiana really fit the bill (geddit?). Who knew our cousins across the (duck) pond prefer bearded men hanging around in woods to the glossy, glamour of the talent show studio?

Duck Dynasty follows the Robertsons – duck hunters, self-made millionaires, proud beard-strokers – who made their money manufacturing duck calls from cedar trees and now manage the company while trying to stay true to their rural roots. They also deliver some pretty special one-liners, like this: “Use your beard for something more than a decoration.” Wise words…

Want to know what all the fuss is about? Well, in a handy turn of events, the third series of Duck Dynasty just happens to be premiering tonight on History – and we just happen to have this first-look clip for you…


Duck Dynasty starts tonight at 10pm on History