Formula 1 2013 driver profile: Roman Grosjean

Characterised as rash and reckless, Grosjean has to show he can be trusted to deliver results or risk his entire F1 career

Team: Lotus
Nationality: French
Date of birth: 17/04/1986
First F1 race: European Grand Prix, 2009
2012 points: 96
2012 best finish: 2nd
2012 position: 8th


Despite being born, raised and domiciled for his entire life in Switzerland, Grosjean competes under the French flag in F1. There is, it seems, nothing straightforward about the man from Geneva.

His career thus far has been beset by a series of obstructions, mostly as a result of his rash, and sometimes reckless, driving style. He’s probably more famous for the list of drivers he’s taken out than any of his three podium positions.

Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button have all been kiboshed by a Grosjean shunt at one time or another and his progress has suffered as a result.

In fact, the fallout from his practice crash at the Singapore Grand Prix in 2009 – where former team-mate Nelson Piquet Jr had crashed on purpose a year earlier – left him staring into the F1 abyss, as Renault opted to relieve him of his duties, a move which meant he had to return to the GP2 circuit.

Even when given an F1 reprieve by Lotus in 2012, Grosjean couldn’t stay out of trouble. After causing a dangerous pile-up at the first corner in Spa, the authorities took dramatic action and banned him for the following Grand Prix in Italy.

A driver with unmistakable quality, Grosjean will need to reign in these instincts for the extreme in his second season with the team from Enstone, or risk spinning out of the F1 circuit for good.

2013 predictions: “It is true that there have been many talks about my incidents, but hardly any talks about what I have delivered. I have had some very good races. Hopefully this season will show that the team and I were right.”


Did you know?
Up until recently, Grosjean was supplementing his income from F1 with a job a bank in his home town of Geneva.