In the wake of the COVID pandemic, there’s been a greater desire for people to get out of the house and try new things. But with so many activities and adventures to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start.


This year, if you’re seeking a way to get out there and make new memories, you can always turn to Virgin Experience Days. Currently the UK’s leading provider of gift experiences, Virgin Experience Days has all the ingredients you need to find a fun day out.

With everything from luxury glamping to zombie escape rooms, you can find the perfect experience for you. Even better, you can give an experience as a gift for a loved one by buying a Virgin Experience Days voucher.

To tell you more, the team at have put together this guide on how to choose and buy a Virgin Experience Days gift card. We’ve also included information on how to activate a gift voucher and have listed some of the best experiences available to you.

If you're not sure what to get them, you can also buy a monetary gift card and let them pick their own adventure.

Buy a gift card at Virgin Experience Days

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How to give a Virgin Experience Days gift card

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Virgin Experience Days

There are thousands of options to choose from on Virgin Experience Days with adventures to suit any interest.

The website breaks down the experiences into categories such as Food and Drink, Adventure, and Theatre and Events, which you can then scroll through to your hearts content.

You can also search for experiences by location and price range, so you don’t have to wade through hundreds of options that are out of budget and somewhere out of the way. Plus, you can find gifts for every occasion, whether it’s a photoshoot to welcome a new baby or a flashy dinner for a first date.

If you’re really struggling, the website even has a handy Gift Finder, where all you have to do is put in a few details about the recipient and they’ll provide a shortlist of ideas for you.

Here’s how to give a voucher:

  1. Find your experience and click “Add To Basket”
  2. Once it’s in your basket, you can customise the voucher by clicking "Add your free gift message"
  3. Go to the checkout and enter your name, number, and email address
  4. Choose between delivery options: you can select a free E-Voucher, a Standard Gift Pack from £2.99, or a Premium Gift Box from £6.99
  5. For physical gift cards, choose between Standard, Recorded, and Next Day delivery
  6. Enter the recipient’s address (or email address for the E-Voucher)
  7. Enter your payment details
  8. Confirm the purchase when ready
  9. E-Vouchers will arrive instantly but the physical gift cards will arrive in the time frame you chose

Buy a gift card at Virgin Experience Days

How to redeem a Virgin Experience Days gift card

If you’re the lucky recipient of an Experience Days voucher, you have the freedom to pick when (and sometimes where) you do your activity. Everything you need to know is on the voucher but if you need a bit of help, here’s a guide on how to redeem it.

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Note: all Virgin Experience Days vouchers come with an expiry date which is typically nine months after purchase. If you’re not able to book your experience in that time, you can extend the voucher by a further nine months but there will be an administration fee of £20.

Here’s how to activate your voucher:

  1. Go to the Virgin Experience Days website and click “My Voucher
  2. Fill in the Voucher Serial Number
  3. Fill in the voucher PIN
  4. You’ll then be taken to a page with all the information about your experience and dates to book
  5. Simply select your date and off you go!

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Why a Virgin Experience Days gift card makes a great gift

Finding the right present for someone can be a real challenge, especially when you’ve known that person for a long time. Year after year, you’re searching for an object that eventually gets used, tidied, or even thrown away. So, instead of adding to that person’s ever-growing pile of stuff, you can treat them to an incredible day out and give them the long-lasting gift of memories.

Virgin Experience Days launched in 1989 as Acorne Sports and became part of the Virgin empire in 2002. In the time since, it has accumulated thousands of experiences across the UK and beyond.

The great thing about Virgin Experience Days is that it caters to everyone. From the biggest ambitions to the smallest niche, there will be an experience to fit you.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’ll find driving day experiences, sky diving and swimming with sharks. Or, if you lead a more tranquil life, you can choose boat tours, afternoon teas or cooking classes.

For the sporty types, you’ll be pleased to know that they’ve got stadium tours with unique behind-the-scenes access and weekends away for golfing, shooting and whatever else you can think of. And if you’re a film and TV nerd, then you can find dozens of studio tours on everything from Peaky Blinders tours to Harry Potter experiences.

In short, finding someone an experience that’s personal to them is a great way to show your love. Virgin Experience Days activities can be bought at any time and for any time of year, and you’ll never run out of interesting things to do.

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