Escape rooms are one of the most fun and unique experiences to emerge in recent years, and by now, you already know the drill: you and a group of friends have to solve a puzzle in a locked room before the clock hits zero. If you crack the game, congratulations! You’re through to the next room. Fail? Unlucky. An escape room agent will come and collect you, losers.


These rooms are designed to test your brain power, how well you work in a team (though you probably can’t add this to your CV) and how cool you stay under pressure. They can be like Monopoly if you’re playing it with your nearest and dearest; the puzzle solving coupled with the time pressure is a recipe for a family fallout, so be sure to choose your team wisely. Or better yet, keep repeating to yourself: 'It’s just a game, it's just a game'...

If you’re puzzled about which escape rooms to try in London, we’ve selected and locked in the best ones. The team know there's nothing worse than 'solving' an easy-peasy puzzle — we want to be challenged. As selecting exciting things to do in London is our department (just take a look at the best London art exhibitions, our what is Frameless? explainer, and BBC Earth Experience and candlelight concert reviews), you can rest easy that the escape rooms in this list are top notch.

We’ve also picked the top rooms to try in each location, with themes such as horror, mystery and fantasy, as well as a few television show-inspired escape rooms (we are after all).

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Best escape rooms in London at a glance:

Best escape rooms in London for 2023

Psychopath’s Den

AIM Escape Rooms, East London

psychopaths den best escape room london
Psychopath's Den. Fever

You’ve probably guessed by the name that this escape room is one of a spookier genre. You and your friends have to solve puzzles to get further away from the clutches of a psychopath. With gruesome objects, blood splattering, and instruments of torture lining the room, this game is pretty unnerving.

With this room, there’s a minimum of three players and a maximum of five, unless you book via Virgin Experience Days, then it’s for you and one other person.

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Spy Heroes

AIM Escape Rooms, East London

best escape room london spy
Spy Heroes Fever

Your international spy friend, James, is missing; you’ve been kidnapped by his arch-nemesis, Mr Supervillain, and are currently trapped inside James’ headquarters. You must solve all of the puzzles to save yourself and James before time runs out. This Spy Heroes escape room is fun for the whole family.

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Like with Psychopath’s Den, there’s a minimum of three players and a maximum of five.

Buy four Spy Heroes tickets for £160 £120 (save £40 or 25%) at Virgin Experience Days

Prison Van Escape Room

Trapped Escape Rooms, South East London

prison break best london escape room
Prison Van Escape Room Virgin Experience Days

If, like us, you hypothesise if you could break out of prison each time you watch a film like The Shawshank Redemption or a series like Prison Break, then this escape room is for you. Trapped in a refurbished prison van, you and your fellow outlaws have to apply your street smarts to escape the van and avoid prison. After all, orange definitely isn’t the new black.

Buy two Prison Van Escape Room tickets for £60 at Virgin Experience Days

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The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience

Shaftesbury Avenue, West London

crystal maze live best escape room london
Crystal Maze Live Virgin Experience Days

Fans of the iconic ‘90s game show The Crystal Maze will be jumping for joy at the chance to take part in the puzzles in real-life. You’ll head through the Industrial, Futuristic, Middle Ages, and Aztec zones, before coming face-to-face with the final test in The Crystal Dome. There will be a mixture of mental and physical challenges, so get your thinking caps on and your blood pumping.

Buy two The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience tickets for £130 at Virgin Experience Days

If you fancy making a day of this experience, why not go out for a meal, too? With this Buyagift voucher, you and another person can enjoy a two course meal with a drink at Marco Pierre White’s restaurant Mr White’s, as well as tickets to The Crystal Maze escape room.

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The Haunted Toy Store

No Escape Limited, East London

haunted toy best escape room london
The Haunted Toy Store Groupon

Despite the 10+ age rating, the team are too scared to take part in this escape room — creepy dolls? No, thank you! If you’re braver than us, however, The Haunted Toy Store escape room challenges you to solve the mysteries of the haunted toys.

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The Breakout

Enigma Escape, North London

the breakout best escape room london
The Breakout Buyagift

There’s not many people we know who would happily break out their boss from prison, but in this escape room, let’s pretend you want to… Located at Enigma Escape in North London, this escape room let's you choose from one of two games: The Breakout or The Killer.

Buy four The Breakout tickets for £120 at Buyagift

The Killer

Enigma Escape, North London

the killer best london escape room
The Killer Buyagift

In this escape room, the story is that you and your team have been invited to a premiere of the movie The Killer (surprise, surprise), but before the movie starts, you pass out, then wake up in a cell with a sinister message on the wall. You have an hour to break out of the cell before the killer returns.

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Alice in Wonderland VR Escape Room

MeetspaceVR, North West London

alice in wonderland vr best escape room london
Alice in Wonderland VR Escape Room Buyagift

An escape room with a twist as this one incorporates Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Follow the White Rabbit to meet other iconic Alice in Wonderland characters, like the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat, then complete a series of tasks to triumph over the Queen of Hearts and save Wonderland. We’ve heard that if you fail this escape room, it’s off with your head!

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The Demon Barber of Oxford Street

demon barber oxford street escape room best london
Virgin Experience Days

We all know the story of Sweeney Todd — the fictional character who first appeared in the penny dreadful serial The String of Pearls — and as he roamed Victorian London, it's only right to include this escape room in the best ones the capital city has to offer.

You and your partner-in-crime have just 60 minutes to try and discover the special ingredient in Mrs Lovett’s pies without getting caught...

Buy two The Demon Barber of Oxford Street tickets for £76 £50 (save £26 or 34%) at Virgin Experience Days

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The Dentist

the dentist best london escape room uk 2023
Virgin Experience Days

Going to the dentist can be a terrifying experience for some, so a dentist-themed escape room is bound to scare the socks off potential escapees. Get your teeth stuck into this next escape room: spooky secrets are hidden all around the practice, and you have just one hour to collect the clues and solve the puzzles.

Buy two The Dentist tickets for £76 £50 (save £26 or 34%) at Virgin Experience Days

Blackbeard's Treasure Escape Game

Escape Hunt, West London

blackbeards treasure best escape room game london
Virgin Experience Days

Grab three of your best problem-solving pals (ones who are not prone to sea sickness...) and head to Escape Hunt on Oxford Street to solve this next escape room. You and your gang have just helped yourselves to the contents of the infamous Blackbeard's treasure chest, but before you can hurry away with the goods, the door jams shut. Will you be able to break out before time runs out?

Buy four Blackbeard's Treasure Escape Game tickets for £120 at Virgin Experience Days

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Escape the Wild West

Escape Hunt, West London

escape the wild west best room london uk
Virgin Experience Days

Here's another Escape Hunt game and this time, we're heading to the Wild West. In this immersive experience, you'll step into East Victoria, a small frontier town, where you'll discover gold! Your luck doesn't last for long, however, as the bloodthirsty Bill French Gang catch wind of your new fortune and are on their way to claim it. With no sheriff in sight, your only hope is a rusty locomotive and plenty of brain power.

Buy four Escape the Wild West tickets for £120 at Virgin Experience Days

SAW: Escape Experience

Tower Hill, Central London

saw escape room best escape rooms london 2023
SAW: Escape Experience Red Letter Days

With escape rooms' confined space and time pressure, you might be thinking how could an escape room possibly get any more heart-pumping. Well, with a terrifying theme like SAW, of course!

If you like to live life on the thrilling side, opt for a spooky escape room theme like the SAW: Escape Experience in Central London. With a chilling mix of detailed sets, actors, sound, lighting, and immersive technology, this escape room will transport you to your very own SAW movie where you're challenged to face moral dilemmas and outwit Jigsaw.

Buy two SAW: Escape Experience tickets for £98 at

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Hotel of Horrors

AIM Escape Rooms, East London

hotel of horrors best escape rooms london
THEPALMER via Getty Images. THEPALMER via Getty Images

This next escape room is for over 18s only as it deals with some difficult references — more information can be found on the Fever website — as well as horror themes and low light areas.

Hotel of Horrors sets up the following premise: a group of teenagers played with tarot cards and a Ouija board in the hotel Room 13, and now guests disappear when they enter the room. In an effort to save the hotel, the hotel's manager has offered a reward to whoever can banish whatever evil spirit lives inside the room — are you and your friends up for the challenge?

Buy Hotel of Horrors tickets from £30 at Fever

Sherlock: The Official Live Game

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in Sherlock.
Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in Sherlock. BBC

Sherlock: The Official Live Game is an immersive escape room experience that puts your puzzling and detective skills to the test. Players have two adventures to choose from: The Sherlock Escape Room and The Mind of Moriarty Escape Room.

In both, you’ll have to work together to observe and take on the increasingly tricky riddles put in front of you, with just 60 minutes to solve the mystery. Across the hour you’ll encounter sets and props from the TV series, as well as original videos from cast members such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Gatiss, and Martin Freeman to help you along.

Buy Sherlock: The Official Live Game for two for £85 at Virgin Experience Days

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Buy The Case of The Poisoned Chalice: Cocktail Experience for two from £70 at Fever

Buy Sherlock's Mind Palace Afternoon Tea & Mini Mystery for two from £70 at Fever

How many people do you need for an escape room?

Before you carefully select your most clued-up mates to take part in an escape room with you, you need to know how many people to shortlist.

Most escape rooms let you play with between two and 12 players, and they will make it obvious on the website how many people you’re allowed per team. For example, at the Eltham Escape Rooms in South East London, each room can have a minimum of two and a maximum of six players.


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