It’s been five years now since Sherlock finished airing and yet, like the original Arthur Conan-Doyle texts, it’s never left our collective minds.


The show that gave us thrilling crimes, mind palaces, and a modern twist on everyone’s favourite high-functioning sociopath, has remained a firm favourite of mystery (and Benedict Cumberbatch) fans since 2010.

Its enduring popularity is probably best proven by the number of Sherlock-themed experiences going on in the UK right now. From walking tours to themed bars and, best of all, Sherlock: The Official Live Game.

This elementary experience was created and designed by the Sherlock writers themselves, meaning it’s bound to put even the cleverest clogs to the test. With riddles, puzzles and interactions with characters from the show, you’ll feel ready to sit down in 221B and start your own case.

So, it’s time to don your deerstalkers and sharpen your detective skills for the shrewdest immersive experience around. We’ll be telling you what exactly you can expect from Sherlock: The Live Game as well as price and how to find it. Plus, we’ll tell you wats-on elsewhere in London.

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The game is on…

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What is Sherlock: The Live Game?

Sherlock the live experience
Virgin Experience Days

Sherlock: The Official Live Game is an immersive escape room experience that puts your puzzling and detective skills to the test. Players have two adventures to choose from: The Sherlock Escape Room and The Mind of Moriarty Escape Room.

In both, you’ll have to work together to observe and take on the increasingly tricky riddles put in front of you, with just 60 minutes to solve the mystery. Across the hour you’ll encounter sets and props from the TV series, as well as original videos from cast members such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Gatiss, and Martin Freeman to help you along.

After you’re done, you can book a spot in the Mind Palace: the experience’s secret speakeasy, which has its own set of food and drink experiences to choose from. By the end of it all, you’ll be the picture of a Sherlock prodigy.

Here’s a closer look at what each experience is about:

Did someone say escape room? We’ve got the best escape rooms in London, but make sure you come reichen-back after you read them!

The Sherlock Escape Room

The Sherlock Escape Room takes you inside the world and mind of our hero. Through iconic sets and dangerous situations you’ll travel – including the living room of 221B itself – all the while getting helpful hints from Holmes, Watson and more. Here’s the official synopsis for the experience:

“Headed up by Mycroft Holmes, The Network is a covert branch of British Intelligence, on the hunt for new recruits. To test whether you have what it takes to join the ranks as an Agent, you’ll need to complete a routine training mission at headquarters. But not all is as it seems…”

Buy Sherlock: The Official Live Game for two for £85 at Virgin Experience Days

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The Mind of Moriarty Escape Room

This escape room is a new addition to the experience, in which you’ll have the chance to defeat the deadly snake Moriarty once and for all. The Napoleon of crime won’t make it easy though, as you’ll have to put your shrewdest problem solving skills to the test, and encounter a series riddles, puzzles and taunts. Here’s more:

“After successfully completing a mission for the covert British Intelligence agency, The Network, you may think it’s time to celebrate. However, not all is as it seems, as the world’s most devious man has one last trick up his sleeve…”

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The Mind Palace Speakeasy

If you don’t fancy the stress of an escape room, you can still get the full Sherlock experience at the Mind Palace speakeasy. This secret cocktail bar is packed full of quirky cocktails and Sherlock Holmes easter eggs, making it the perfect setting for a unique night out.

While at the bar, you can book one of three experiences that will test your brain and your tastes. The Case of the Poisoned Chalice is an immersive cocktail adventure where you’ll try and track down the ingredients for the perfect cocktail, but beware, some ingredients are deadly. Next there’s Sherlock’s Afternoon Tea and Mini Mystery, where you’ll enjoy a selection of craft cakes and shrewd scones all the while trying to solve a mystery at the table. Lastly, there’s Sherlock’s Boozy Afternoon Tea where you can indulge in 90 minutes of bottomless fizz – just try not to recreate that stag do scene!

Buy The Case of The Poisoned Chalice: Cocktail Experience for two from £70 at Fever

Buy Sherlock's Mind Palace Afternoon Tea & Mini Mystery for two from £70 at Fever

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Where is Sherlock: The Live Game?

You won’t need a magnifying glass to find it. Sherlock: The Live Game is in the W12 Shopping Centre right next to the Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush. Getting there is so simple even Anderson could do it, just hop on the Overground to Shepherd’s Bush, or grab the tube to Wood Lane (via the Circle Line) or White City (Central Line).

Then, you’ll find the experience on the Ground Floor of the shopping centre disguised as Doyle’s Opticians – the clue is in the name!

Buy Sherlock: The Official Live Game for two for £85 at Virgin Experience Days

How many people can play Sherlock: The Live Game?

If you want an escape room all to yourself, you can have between four and six people. However if you can’t rustle up more than two or three people, you can always book onto the shared experience, which means you’ll have to play with another group.

How much does Sherlock: The Live Game cost?

Tickets for Sherlock: The Live Game vary depending on which experience you choose. If you decide to tackle one of the escape rooms, then the cost starts at £40 for adults and £35 for concessions, plus a booking fee.

But, if you pick one of the packages at The Mind Palace bar, then prices start at £35 for the Poisoned Chalice Experience and go up to £49 for the Boozy Afternoon Tea.

How to buy Sherlock: The Live Game tickets

Tickets are available for all the experiences at Virgin Experience Days and Fever. We think these days out would make a perfect gift for budding detectives or die-hard Sherlock fans, so why not spoil them this Christmas with a voucher?

Buy Sherlock: The Official Live Game for two for £85 at Virgin Experience Days

Other Sherlock Holmes experiences to try in London

Sherlock Holmes walking tour of London for two

Sherlock Holmes walking tour
Virgin Experience Days

Did you know Sherlock Holmes is the most widely adapted literary character of all time? His influence on our culture cannot be understated, which is why you should take a trip down to London for this historic walking tour.

Over the course of two hours, your guide will take you to different locations from the books, films and TV adaptations of Arthur Conan Doyle’s works. You’ll see the place where Holmes and Watson first met, gentlemen’s clubs and grand hotels from the stories, and the sites where Benedict Cumberbatch, Jeremy Brett and Robert Downey Jr all performed the role.

Buy Sherlock Holmes walking tour of London for £30 at Virgin Experience Days

Sherlock The Grand Debut - Online Murder Mystery Game for up to Six

Sherlock online game
Virgin Experience Days

Think you can match up to the Great Detective? Well now’s your chance to prove it with Sherlock’s The Grand Debut online escape game. In a classic whodunnit, you and five friends must join Sherlock on his first ever investigation - the murder of Lord Harrington. As clues, riddles and dastardly fiends come out of the woodwork, it’s up to you to bring this cold-blooded killer to justice.

Buy Sherlock The Grand Debut for £15 at Virgin Experience Days

Sherlock Holmes's City Exploration Game

Sherlock exploration game
Get Your Guide

You’ll have just 90 minutes to solve a series of riddles and mysteries in this Sherlock Holmes city exploration game. Starting off at the at the former BBC headquarters and ending at the Sherlock Holmes Museum, the challenges will take you all around London while giving you a detailed history of the Great Detective.

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