The Apprentice candidates: meet Aisha Kasim

Aisha owns a hair accessories business and knows that pressure can lead to wonderful things...

Radio Times Placeholder

Age: 30


Occupation: Inventor & Hair Extensions Specialist

Lives: London. Aisha was born in Nigeria and moved to the UK when she was 15 years old.

Aisha owns a hair accessories business which sells extensions, wigs and hair products. The savvy businesswoman has also invented a hair accessory of her own: a heated bun that curls hair. She even wrote the jingle to accompany the product. Aisha says she’s hippy-ish, funny and quirky. Victoria Beckham is one of her business inspirations because she follows her passions in order to gain professional success.


She says: “Pressure makes diamonds. It’s something I respond well to, I think it’s go hard or go home.”