*Warning - Contains spoilers for Love Island 2024.*


Love Island has only been back on TV for two weeks, yet there has been plenty of drama and a number of chaotic dares and challenges that'll keep the gossip mill churning for the next six weeks.

Amongst those in the villa is Ciaran Davies, who has found himself in some hot water after revealing the truth about a comment he made to Nicole Samuel. While honesty is the policy, Nicole did not take to it too well.

In a first look at tonight's episode (17th June), Ciaran admits to Nicole that when asked if he could have chosen someone else to kiss in the challenge, he would've chosen Grace. Understandably so, Nicole is not impressed.

She asks: "Why? Right…why would you say something like that?" Assuring Nicole, Ciaran responds: "I didn't mean it, it was out of pettiness because I don't fancy Grace."

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It appears Nicole thinks otherwise, as she replies: "Well you obviously do… I don't know what to say… crack on with her…"

Before walking away from the conversation with Ciaran, Nicole says: "Comments like that just shows how immature you actually are."


As he hopes to find a real connection with someone in the villa, here's everything you need to know about Love Island 2024 contestant Ciaran Davies.

Ciaran Davies - key facts

Love Island 2024 contestant Ciaran Davies. He is posing with his body turned to the side and his arms folded. He is wearing orange shorts and is topless.
Love Island 2024 contestant Ciaran Davies. ITV/Love Island

Age: 21

Job: Surveyor

From: Pencoed, South Wales

Instagram: @ciarandaviesss

Coupled up with: Nicole Samuel

Who is Ciaran Davies?

Ciaran Davies is a 21-year-old surveyor and rugby player from South Wales.

He believes now is the "perfect time" to find love, admitting that he feels "mature enough" for something serious with the right person.

One of Ciaran's biggest claims to fame is pretending to be season 7 winner Liam Reardon on a night out, and it worked a charm!

"We ended up getting a private booth and free drinks all night," he said.

How old is Ciaran Davies?

Ciaran is 21 years old.

Is Ciaran on Instagram?

Yes! You can follow Ciaran on Instagram @ciarandaviesss. At the time of reporting, he has over 7,000 followers and often posts photos of him and his friends, as well as match photos of him playing rugby.

Why did Ciaran sign up for Love Island summer 2024?

For Ciaran, now feels like "the perfect time" to be on Love Island. "I feel like I'm mature enough for something serious with the right girl," he said.

Nicole and Ciaran sat across from each other, laughing. Nicole has her hand over her face and is holding a golden flute.
Nicole and Ciaran on Love Island. ITV/Love Island

What does Ciaran look for in a partner?

If Ciaran had to pick three of the most important things he looks for in a partner, he would say looks, but humour is also a "big thing" for him.

He explained: "I'm a bit of a wind up so I want a girl who can give it back. Loyalty is another one for me, I think that's the most important thing to look for in a relationship."

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