Another set of islanders looking for romance are set to jet off this June to stay in Mallorca for the 2024 summer season of Love Island.


As ever, we suspect there will be sand, sea, flirting and plenty of drama in store over the coming weeks.

Maya Jama is set to return to host the programme, and she is just like us! She wants all the drama... and for contestants to find love, of course.

She said: "I’m ready for it, the fans are waiting, there's lots of anticipation and I can’t wait to meet this year's islanders. Love Island is the official start of summer."

She continued: "I’ll be honest, I’m hoping for drama. I want loads of love and happy couples at the end, but I do want to be entertained, so I’m hoping for lots of fiery moments."

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Patsy Field could be the contestant who feeds all of viewers' drama cravings, as it seems she isn't afraid to be herself. She admitted she "likes to be the centre of attention" and "brings the fun". She added she doesn't like the drama but does "tend to attract it".

Patsy Field - key facts

Patsy Field for Love Island 2024. She is stood in front of a sky blue background and in a red swimming costume
Patsy Field for Love Island 2024. ITV

Age: 29

Job: Office administrator

From: Orpington

Instagram: @patsylouu

Who is Patsy Field?

Patsy Field is a 29-year-old office administrator from Orpington. She shared she believes herself to be a good cook, so is "wifey material", and said she tends to date men who are younger than her. She even went as far as to call herself a "sugar mummy", as she likes to "spoil my partners".

Patsy opened up about what she would like her fellow islanders to know about her. She revealed she has a disability called Erb Palsy.

According to the NHS, the condition can result from a difficult birth when the head or arm has been pulled. "It may affect from one to all five nerves that supply the movement and feeling to either arm (brachial plexus)."

Depending on the amount of damage done during the birth, it may result in partial or full paralysis of an arm.

Patsy said: "I’ve got something very special about me, which is my disability. It’s a condition I was born with called Erb Palsy. It doesn't define who I am, but it makes me a little different, although I’ve learnt to get on with it and it’s never held me back."

How old is Patsy Field?

Patsy is 29 years old.

Is Patsy on Instagram?

She is! Her handle doesn't include her surname, and perhaps it is her middle name. It's @patsylouu.

Why did Patsy sign up for Love Island summer 2024?

Patsy, who claims to have a stellar Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana impression, described herself as having a "few grey hairs" and said she would like to find love "sooner rather than later". She hopes Love Island has a "sexy man" for her.

"Love Island may just have some nice hunky guys for me. I think now is the right time as I’ve got a few greys, so I need to bag a man sooner rather than later."

Patsy said she is "picky" and gets bored "easily". She added she picks the "wrong guys". However, Patsy is hoping the Love Island villa will change all of this and find the right man for her.

What does Patsy look for in a partner?

Described by her loved ones as "bossy" and someone who likes to have her way, Patsy Field wants to go on Love Island to find an athletic man who has a sense of humour and a "good presence".

"Height is important to me as I’m a taller girl, I also like a guy with an athletic build. In terms of personality, I like a guy to own the room and have a good presence and sense of humour."

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Love Island returns on Monday 3rd June at 9pm on ITV1, ITV2, ITVX, STV and STV Player.

Seasons 1-10 are available to watch on ITVX. You can watch all previous seasons of Love Island on BritBox – you can sign up for a 7-day free trial.


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