Love Island is now in full swing, but there is one islander who is struggling to find a connection with someone in the villa.


Sweet salesman Sean Stone was one of the OG islanders, and while he has found himself in a few different couples, no one seems to really ignite that spark.

Now in a couple with Jess White, Sean thought things were looking up, but after her conversation with bombshell Wil Anderson last night (16th June), there may not be romance on the horizon.

Prior to entering the villa, Sean said his friends would describe him as "loving, caring and thoughtful", and here's to hoping he can find that connection with someone as the weeks continue!

In the meantime, read on for everything you need to know about Love Island 2024 contestant Sean Stone.

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Sean Stone - key facts

Sean Stone pictured in front of a heart-shaped ring of fire. He is wearing pink swim shorts and has both hands in his pockets.
Sean Stone for Love Island 2024. ITV/Love Island

Age: 24

Job: Sweet salesman

From: Hertford

Instagram: @seanstone__

Who is Sean Stone?

Sean Stone is a 24-year-old sweet salesman from Hertford, who is set to bring a lot of fun and honesty into the Love Island villa.

Describing himself as "very straightforward" and "quite cheeky", Sean finds it hard to make his mind up. "My judgement of character can be quite bad," he noted in a recent Q&A.

As for why Sean is still single, he admitted that he is "very picky".

He explained: "After you've had a long-term relationship, you figure out what you want from someone. Even if you haven't been in loads of relationships, you zone in on what you want."

How old is Sean Stone?

Sean is 24 years old.

Is Sean Stone on Instagram?

Yes! You can follow Season on Instagram @seanstone__. At the time of reporting, Sean has over 20,000 followers.

Why did Sean sign up for Love Island summer 2024?

Sean has always been "one for relationships", and feels that "now is the perfect time" to find someone. "The only thing that is missing is my soulmate," he said.

What does Sean look for in a partner?

If Sean had to pick three of the most important things he looks for in a partner, it would be someone "caring, ambitious and supportive".

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