*Warning - Contains spoilers for Love Island 2024.*


It's been the talk of the villa for the last two weeks: are Ciaran Davies and Nicole closed off or are they open? Well, in last night's episode (16th June), it appeared they were in fact closed off, but that romantic bliss hasn't lasted long.

In a first look at tonight's episode (17th June), Nicole and Ciaran have a disagreement when he reveals a comment he made about bombshell Grace Jackson during a game of beer pong.

Speaking to Nicole, Ciaran admits: "You know after you kissed, well I may have made a comment in passing… Omar asked me, if you were going to choose who would it have been instead of me kissing Jess… I said Grace."

When asked why he would say something like that, Ciaran responds: "I didn't mean it, it was out of pettiness because I don't fancy Grace."

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But that doesn't go down well as she tells Ciaran to "crack on with her". As Nicole continues to navigate her time in the villa, has she found a match within Ciaran?

As you wait to find out, read on to find out more about Love Island 2024 contestant Nicole Samuel.

Nicole Samuel - key facts

Nicole Samuel posing in front of a ring of fire shaped as a heart. She is wearing a pink bikini and has one hand rested on her hip and the other on her head.
Nicole Samuel for Love Island 2024. ITV/Love Island

Age: 24

Job: Accounts manager

From: Aberdare

Instagram: @nicolesams123

Coupled up with: Ciaran Davies

Who is Nicole Samuel?

Nicole Samuel is a 24-year-old accounts manager from Aberdare. She says she has a "big personality", and believes she will have one of the biggest in this year's villa.

With Channing Tatum being her celebrity of choice to enter the villa, she shared she had something in common with one of Tatum's roles. Like his character from Step Up, she said not many people know she used to be a street dancer.

"I became a world champion dancer in 2011 - not many people know that. I was a professional street dancer," she explained.

How old is Nicole Samuel?

Nicole is 24 years old.

Is Nicole on Instagram?

She is. Her handle on Instagram is @nicolesams123.

Ciaran and Nicole on Love Island, looking shocked and unimpressed a something in front of them. Nicole is wearing a cross-wrap top while Ciaran is wearing a white and green polo.
Ciaran and Nicole on Love Island. ITV/Love Island

Why did Nicole sign up for Love Island summer 2024?

The reason Nicole has decided to go on the show now is she feels it's her time. "I’ve hit 24 and I’m ready to settle down," she said.

She said that although she's had fun with her friends and "lived her best life", she wants a serious romance.

"I’ve been enjoying single life and the attention of different boys, it’s fun. I’ve enjoyed being able to go on holiday with the girls and not having to worry about someone back home. All the girls are there texting in their room and I’m out till four in the morning living my best life."

What does Nicole look for in a partner?

Nicole, who explained her loved ones would describe her as "cheeky, wild and really chatty", said she's looking for a man who is "tall, dark and handsome". She hopes he may also enjoy playing some rugby.

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