*Warning - Contains spoilers for Love Island 2024.*


OG islander Jess White has not had an easy go of things in the villa so far, finding herself in a love triangle that has since become a love square!

Jess originally coupled up with Ronnie Vint, and while it seemed they were a couple that could go the distance, Ronnie's wandering eye proved to be an issue.

Despite since being coupled up with Sean Stone, "bubbly and outgoing" Jess has her eye on newcomer Wil Anderson. Could a romance be on the cards?

As she continues to graft and crack on with the islanders, read on for everything you need to know about Love Island 2024 contestant Jess White.

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Jess White - key facts

Jess White posing in front of a heart-shaped ring of fire. She is posing with both hands on her hips in a yellow one-piece swimsuit.
Jess White for Love Island 2024. ITV/Love Island

Age: 25

Job: Retail manager

From: Stockport

Instagram: @jessamywhite

Coupled up with: Sean Stone

Who is Jess White?

Jess White is a 25-year-old retail manager from Stockport who will be brining "fun and honesty", albeit at times a bit too much honesty, into the Love Island villa. But that isn't all - she also plans to bring in "a bit of a sass".

Jess isn't afraid to say things how it is, and she will get her own way. When asked if there was one thing she'd want her fellow islanders to know about her, she explained: "It's sometimes easier just to say yes to me and give me what I want.

"If I need to go to have a shower first, then let me go first. I'm an only child, so I'm used to getting my own way - which isn't always a good thing."

How old is Jess White?

Jess is 25 years old.

Is Jess White on Instagram?

Yes! You can follow Jess on Instagram @jessamywhite. She is quite the jet-setter, with her Instagram highlights filled with her adventures across Thailand, Vietnam and Bali.

Why did Jess sign up for Love Island summer 2024?

All of Jess's friends are in relationships, settled down and have children. She wants to meet someone who she can do all those things with too.

She added: "I'm going to end up that aunt that rocks up at family parties and they say, 'She's still not met someone, she's still going to Ibiza having a midlife crisis.' I just want to meet somebody and to be able to do all that stuff too."

What does Jess look for in a partner?

At the top of Jess's list is wanting someone with "nice teeth".

"I love a set of white Turkey teeth, but a good set of Turkey teeth," she explained. "I would say personality traits, you have to be family-orientated. I'm so close to my mum, and I'd like my future partner to be really close with their family too.

"You have to be tall, you can't be shorter than me, I can't be having to question whether I can wear heels around you and what height of heels I can wear. If you're vertically challenged, it's not for me."

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