Love Island were not playing around when it came to shaking things up in the villa, especially when it came to bombshell Grace Jackson.


Grace, who has a romantic history with Joey Essex, entered the villa alongside two more bombshells at the end of last week, and it appears she has already ruffled some of Samantha's feathers.

Looking for love and hoping to find the man of her dreams in the villa, read on for everything you need to know about Love Island 2024 contestant Grace Jackson as her summer of love begins.

Grace Jackson – Key facts

Grace Jackson walking into the villa, smiling and wearing a black swimsuit.
Grace Jackson. ITV/Love Island

Age: 25

Job: Co-owner of a social media marketing agency

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From: Manchester

Instagram: @gracexrosa

Who is Grace Jackson?

Grace is a 25-year-old business owner from Manchester and believes its her lifestyle that can put people off, resulting in her still being single.

In a press interview before entering the villa, Grace said: "I like to go out and go abroad a lot. They can't keep up with my lifestyle! It's the life that I want, and it helps with my business. To sit in and be single, I can't understand why I would do that in my peak and my mid-20s."

How old is Grace Jackson?

Grace Jackson is 25 years old.

Is Grace Jackson on Instagram?

Yes! You can follow Islander Grace @gracexrosa. At the moment, Grace's Instagram will remain dormant during her time in the villa.

How does Grace Jackson know Joey Essex?

Grace Jackson and Joey Essex sat on pink sofas, talking to one another. Grace is wearing a black dress while Joey is wearing a black shirt and trousers.
Grace Jackson and Joey Essex. ITV/Love Island

When Grace's entrance into the villa was teased, Joey spotted her walking in and said "Oh my god", before telling the rest of the boys he "used to see that girl".

All was confirmed in the next episode when Nicole asked Grace how she knew Joey.

Grace explained: "So, we met last year in Ibiza and it's actually funny because he's not my type at all. We had a bit of a holiday romance. It carried on when we were back home. It was quite intense. We were seeing each other for a few months. It kind of ended a little bit frosty to be honest and we've not really spoken since."

Why did Grace sign up for Love Island summer 2024?

Grace is "excited" to get to know someone at "face value" after growing fed up of meeting people through social media and dating apps.

"[I'm excited] to be somewhere where you're forced to have a conversation and be a bit more open," she said. "This is something that would push me out of my comfort zone, I don't really date a lot. I get myself in situationships with people I know that I shouldn't give my time to!"

What does Grace look for in a partner?

If Grace had to pick three of the most important things she looks for in a partner, she would want someone with good communication, someone spontaneous and someone who is easy-going.

When asked to break it down, she said: "Communication - no guys have good communication and it's painful. Spontaneity, I like someone who doesn't take themselves and life too seriously. Plus, someone who's easy-going, makes you feel comfortable, and can bring out a good side of you. I can be a bit guarded to begin with, but that really brings me out of my shell."

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