As we begin a third week of Love Island, three more Islanders are settling into the villa and hoping to find a perfect match.


Following the arrival of reality star Joey Essex and the dramatic entrance of Uma Jammeh and later on Omar Nyame, it was getting a bit quiet in the villa - but not for long.

Wil Anderson is amongst the three new bombshells making waves in the villa, but why has he decided to take part in the show?

Read on for everything you need to know about Love Island 2024 contestant Wil Anderson.

Wil Anderson - Key facts

Wil Anderson walking into the villa, with sunglasses on his head and a light blue overshirt.
Wil Anderson walking into the villa. ITV/Love Island

Age: 23

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Job: Quantity surveyor

From: Whitley Bay

Instagram: @wilanderson

Who is Wil Anderson?

Wil Anderson is a 23-year-old quantity surveyor from Whitley Bay and is planning to bring in "a cheerful, cheeky [and] excitable vibe" into the Love Island villa.

"I think I'll get on with all the lads as well as hopefully making some good connections with the girls," he said ahead of his appearance on the series.

But what sets Wil apart from the other Islanders? Well for him, his height of 6ft4 "usually goes down well with the girls".

He added: "I'd also say my smile and personality."

With all these things he believes makes him a catch, why is Wil still single? When asked, he admitted it's because he chooses to be.

He explained: "I could definitely be in a relationship if I wanted to be. I'm super picky but I don't think that's a bad thing because it's worth waiting to get exactly what it is you are looking for."

How old is Wil Anderson?

Wil is 23 years old, making him one of the younger contestants on Love Island 2024.

Is Wil Anderson on Instagram?

Yes! You can follow Will on Instagram @wilanderson. At the time of reporting, Wil has just over 8,000 followers, but he won't be able to post while in the villa due to the current social media rules for the Islanders.

Why did Wil sign up for Love Island summer 2024?

Wil wanted to be single for the last year after being in two serious relationships from 18 years old, but he feels now is the right time to put himself back out there.

"I want to feel that love again," he said.

What does Wil look for in a partner?

As for who is his type, Wil said: "I like a girl to have a pretty smile, a good personality and would like someone who is down to earth and humble."

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