If you’re looking to complete the Purchase the Patch Up service from Characters of Mending Machines quest, you’ll need to know how to purchase a Patch Up Service in Fortnite.


One of the Week 6 challenges in Chapter 5 Season 2, you’re tasked with purchasing a Patch Up Service from Characters or Mending Machines.

That’s all well and good, but what is a Patch Up Service? Where are the Characters and Mending Machines?

We’ve got you covered. Even if you’re not looking to complete the Week 6 quest, it’ll be useful to learn where you can purchase the Patch Up Service in the future.

Read on to find out how to purchase Patch Up Service in Fortnite.

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How to purchase Patch Up Service in Fortnite explained

Katara and Peely from Fortnite.
Katara and Peely from Fortnite. Epic Games

To purchase a Patch Up Service in Fortnite, you need to speak to either the Peely or Katara NPC character or buy one from a Mending Machine.

As of writing, it seems Peely and Katara are the only NPC characters who will sell you a Patch Up Service.

If you’re looking to complete the Chapter 5 Season 2 Week 6 quest Purchase the Patch Up service from Characters of Mending Machines, you’re best off finding and speaking to Peely.

Peely can be found at a campsite on a hill just south of Restored Reels, and is next to a campfire - which you can light to cause damage to yourself so you can buy the healing service.

To see where exactly Peely is, you’re best off checking this super helpful YouTube video by Comrad3s:

Complete the quest and you’ll earn a cool 10,000 XP!

If you’re looking to find a Mending Machine (or Katara) instead, the fine folks at Fortnite.gg have created an invaluable interactive map which shows the locations of every Mending Machine, as well as Peely and Katara. Check it out below:

Fortnite Patch Up Service locations fortnite.gg map
Fortnite Patch Up Service locations. Fortnite.gg

Purchasing a Patch Up Service will set you back 100 Gold Bars, but is totally worth it if you have no healing items to hand. You’ll need to have lost some health to purchase a Patch Up Service, too.

If you’re down on Gold Bars, you can pick up more by completing a Bounty, completing quests given to you by NPCs, searching Cash Registers, eliminating opponents, in chests etc... It’s not difficult to find more Gold Bars simply by playing the game as normal.

One important thing to note: it looks like you can't buy a Patch Up Service unless you actually need healing, so you'll have to take some damage before trying to buy one!

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