Commanding the rabble of Wastelanders in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3: Wrecked is Megalo Don, and we’ve got how to defeat him and how to get the skin explained.


We also have a handy dandy video up top, if you’d rather be shown than expend brain cells reading.

Megalo Don is the zenith of the new battle pass, requiring more work than others such as Peabody or the Fallout skins to unlock.

Still, with our help, you should be able to get there quicker and beat him for yourself and get his Medallion, as we have his location pinpointed on the new map.

If you’ve already unlocked him, then you’ll be glad to know that soon there may be a Lethal Company skin coming, and a Magneto skin has already been confirmed for July.

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Still, Megalo Don poses a serious challenge to beat and unlock - so let’s get to it!

How to get the Megalo Don skin

A screenshot from Fortnite showing Megalo Don a figure sporting armour, a metal gas mask and floppy silver hair.
Megalo Don's outfit. Epic Games

To get the Megalo Don Skin, you have to reach level 86 before you can purchase them in the Battle Pass.

At level 94, you can unlock the Get Nitro’d Emote to complete Megalo Don’s look.

Obviously, reaching the end of the battle pass takes a lot of work, but you can speed up the process by completing your daily quests, accepting Wasteland Challenges or cheesing your way through the ranks with the best Fortnite XP maps.

Whatever your method of levelling up, having the Megalo Don skin equipped will let everyone around you know that you mean serious Fortnite business.

Where to find Megalo Don on the map

A screenshot of the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3: Wrecked map with the Brutal Beachhead location circled in pink.
Megalo Don can be found at the Brutal Beachhead. Epic Games

Megalo Don can be found in the boat base in the Brutal Beachhead in the Wasteland biome, or as part of a convoy travelling the map.

His location will be located on your map, however, so you won’t need to worry too much about finding him.

It’s best to land near but not on the Brutal Beachhead and get geared up first, as there are loads of guards around Megalo Don who can quickly put an end to your round.

If he is driving around in a convoy, find a vehicle first and mod it to have weapons to make the approach safer.

How to defeat Megalo Don in boss battle

A screenshot of Fortnite showing Cole Luke's avatar engaged in combat with Megalo Don in a ship converted into a mobile base.
The Nitro is in fact, mine. Epic Games.

If he is in the Brutal Beachhead, Megalo Don can be found on the lower level, which is accessible by vehicles.

As part of Wrecked, you can modify vehicles to have weapons. By crashing into them and unleashing your vehicle's weapons, you can do a lot of damage before your vehicle is destroyed.

Once Megalo Don’s shields are down, he will enter a second stage where he is even more dangerous. He will also have a period of invulnerability, so be sure not to waste any ammo as he moves into this second stage.

You will want to deal with his armed guards as well, otherwise they will quickly swarm you and make mincemeat of you.

Megalo Don’s Nitro Gloves pack a seriously mean punch, so don’t get too close to him and instead use your most powerful weapon to whittle his health down.

Unless, of course, you have a pair of Nitro Gloves yourself. Make sure to time your attacks well or you can be chucked off the boat and meet a swift end.

Once you’ve defeated him, you’ll get his Combat Shotgun, Nitro Gloves and his Medallion that gives you unlimited Nitro.

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