UPDATE (Saturday 1st June 2024): The Lethal Company skin has arrived in Fortnite, just as the rumours foretold!

To get the Lethal Company skin, named 'The Employee', you simply need to buy it from the Item Shop for 1,500 V-Bucks.

In the shop, you'll also see the Stop Sign pickaxe (500 V-Bucks) and the Company Jig emote (400 V-Bucks).

Our original article, speculating prior to the launch of this content, remains below unchanged.

Scant does a week go by without news of some new crossover Epic Games has managed to bag, and this time it looks like it is Lethal Company coming to Fortnite.


If reading isn't your bag, have a gander at the video up top from Cole Luke that's got all the details and rumours explored!

The gist of the story is that dataminers have once again worked their magic and like some digital augur have unshrouded the veil of the future.

We're still grinding away in the Chapter 5 Season 3 update to unlock the Fallout skins that are part of the new Battle Pass. That's not even to mention the Magneto skin that is set to debut later this season too.

Still, if you manage to collect the Medallions that bosses hold onto around the map, you might be able to unlock everything quicker with how overpowered you'll be.

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There's plenty to get through so let's get to it!

Why are people talking about Lethal Company coming to Fortnite?

The internet is awash with people talking about Lethal Company coming to Fortnite because reliable Fortnite leakers/dataminers on X (formerly known as Twitter) have unearthed what looks like a Lethal Company skin and emote.

HYPEX posted an image of the Lethal Company skin in Fortnite, with accompanying accessories including what looks like a Stop Sign pickaxe and oxygen tank back bling. Check it out:

ShiinaBR, meanwhile, has leaked the Lethal Company x Fortnite "Company Jig" emote, which you can check out below:

iFireMonkey too dug up the "Metal Detectin'" emote. We're not sure if it will help you find a way to get better at Fortnite, however.

HYPEX, ShiinaBR and iFireMonkey are reliable leakers on X, so it’s relatively safe to say that Lethal Company is coming to Fortnite. When is the crossover skin and emote being added to the game? Read on for our thoughts.

When could Lethal Company come to Fortnite?

The Lethal Company skin and emote should be coming to Fortnite sometime in Chapter 5 Season 3 by 6th June.

Our prediction that the Lethal Company skin is coming this season is based on ShiinaBR’s post on X revealing the 'Company Jig' emote, which says "introduced in Chapter 5 Season 3".

ShiinaBR’s X post can be seen in the section above. Check out the text in the bottom-left corner of the video.

It reads: "Gaming Legends Series emote, 'Company Jig'. Met your quota? Time for a dance break. Part of The Company set. Introduced in Chapter 5 Season 3."

This is further consolidated by HYPEX, who in a response on X said that it should be coming in the "next [two] weeks".

We'd expect it to arrive in the Item Shop, because it hasn't been listed among the unlockable battle pass skins for this season. For a refresher, check out all the other skins confirmed for the Battle Pass.

It looks as though the emote is included in The Company set, which should have in it the Company Jig emote, Lethal Company outfit, pickaxe and back bling. This should launch sometime in Chapter 5 Season 3.

We’ll update this page as soon as we’re able if (it is still a leak/rumour, so nothing’s confirmed) and when the official Fortnite x Lethal Company details are revealed by Epic Games.

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