As part of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3: Wrecked, three bosses can be found on the map, and they each drop powerful Medallions. We've got how to collect them, where they're found and what they do explained.


If you'd rather we show you, check out the video from up top for some extra tips and tricks, as well as how to blow it in the end.

If three bosses aren't quite enough for you, we've got where to find Oscar in Fortnite as well, as they drop a seriously nice shotgun if you beat them.

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The Quests tab does specifically ask you to 'Collect a Medallion', which might not mean much to you at first.

Wondering how to do it? Good. Let's get to it!

How to 'Collect a Medallion' in Fortnite

The Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3: Wrecked map with pink circles overlaid to show where three bosses can be found
The locations of Megalo Don, Ringmaster Scarr and The Machinist.

To collect a Medallion in Fortnite, you need to defeat Megalo Don, Ringmaster Scarr or The Machinist — each of these bosses has their own unique Medallion, and they'll drop it upon defeat.

The bosses can be found in three locations in the map, or occasionally driving in a convoy, but their location will be marked with an icon on your map (we've circled them in the image above).

Their usual spawn points are as follows:

  • Megalo Don – Brutal Beachhead
  • Ringmaster Scarr – The Nitrodome
  • The Machinist – Redline Rig

They can prove to be quite the challenge - especially Megalo Don with his guards and his extremely powerful Nitro Gloves and Combat Shotgun.

If you do collect all three Medallions in a single match, you will be extremely powerful and a veritable force to be reckoned with.

What do Medallions do in Fortnite?

Each Medallion in Fortnite gives you unique abilities. You can check them out just below!

Megalo Don's Medallion

A screenshot from Fortnite showing Cole Luke's avatar looking at the loot and Medallion dropped by the Boss Megalo Don
Megalo Don's Medallion in Fortnite. Epic Games

Megalo Don's Medallion – Unlocks unlimited Nitro.

Nitro gives a speed boost to both players and vehicles, so it's great if you need to get out of a sticky situation quickly.

You can also equip Megalo Don's Nitro Gloves, which are even more powerful, as well as his Combat Shotgun. That is if you can avoid succumbing to them yourself.

Ringmaster Scarr's Medallion

A screenshot from Fortnite showing Cole Luke's avatar looking at the loot and Medallion dropped by the Boss Ringmaster Scarr
Ringmaster Scarr's Medallion. Epic Games

Ringmaster Scarr's Medallion – Gives you increased weapon damage and infinite ammo.

When you've reached the last Storm Circle, this can come in clutch, as you may have expended all your ammo, and your final opponent is sure to be a good player - so dishing out some extra hurt is no bad thing.

Scarr's Boom Bolt is great for taking out vehicles and players hiding behind constructed cover. Just be sure you don't stand in one place too long or you'll be toast.

The Machinist's Medallion

A screenshot from Fortnite showing Cole Luke's avatar looking at the loot and Medallion dropped by the Boss The Machinist
The Machinist's Medallion. Epic Games

The Machinist's Medallion – Your shield automatically replenishes over time.

When you're facing the last opponents at the end of the match, you don't want to unequip your weapon, so having your shields regenerate on their own is a massive boon.

The Machinist's Combat Assault Rifle is extremely powerful, and is silenced as well. Just don't get at the wrong end of it.

And that's your lot! If you manage to get all three, then you'll be an absolute monster to deal with, and your chances of getting that Victory Royale are that little bit higher.

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