It's time to marvel at another crossover with the new Magneto Fortnite skin available now!


Included as a bonus part of the premium battle pass, the Master of Magnetism can be unlocked now – along with his cute Lego form, loading screen, spray, pickaxe, banner icon, emoticon, glider, wrap, emote, and Wastelander Magneto alternative style (phew).

If you want to learn more about the overall Chapter 5 Season 3 battle pass, we've got a video above!

Before you leave this page, make sure to check out all the other Chapter 5 Season 3 outfits you can unlock – as if you love Fallout power armour, you’re in for a treat.

There’s also a whole new biome in the Fortnite map that is full of cool new locations, enemies and vehicles.

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You can also see what else has been added in the Season 3 patch notes if you’re a stickler for details.

Now, back to Magneto (we don't want to keep him waiting). Here's how to unlock Magneto in Fortnite.

When was the Fortnite Magneto skin release date?

The Fortnite Wastelander Magneto outfit is out now!

Magneto's bonus pages in the Chapter 5 Season 3 battle pass went live on 2nd July and you can now unlock the baddie mutant and Master of Magnetism to play now.

The Magneto quests are live and available to complete until 16th August 2024 at 7am in the UK (2am ET). Get completing them quick if you want to unlock Magneto!

How to get the Magneto skin in Fortnite

To get the Magento Wasterlander outfit, you need to buy the Battle Pass and complete the quests in the Magneto tab.

The Magento tab can be found in the 'battle pass' section of the game's main menu.

As per the official Fortnite website, there are two pages of Magneto quests to complete. Complete any three (in any order) on page one to unlock the Magneto outfit and other Magneto-themed accessories.

Here's the full list of Magneto quests and unlocks in Fortnite:

  • Page one:
    • Visit the Weapon X Lab | Knock, Knock, Clang Loading Screen
    • Collect Magneto Gauntlets | Magneto's Grasp Spray
    • Travel 300 units in the air with Magneto Gauntlets equipped | Magnetized Scrap Pickaxe
    • Hit 10 vehicles using Magneto Gauntlets | Wastelander Magneto Banner Icon
      • Complete any three page one quests to unlock the Wastelander Magneto skin
  • Page two:
    • Eliminate 5 opponents with Magneto Gauntlets | Crushed GG Emoticon
    • Block 200 hits using Magneto Gauntlets for defence | Magnetic Steps Glider
    • Do 2,000 damage to opponents from one story above or higher | Disassemble Emote
    • Configure 3 Rift Beacons | Magnetism Master Wrap
      • Complete any three page two quests to unlock the Magneto style of the Wastelander Magneto outfit

You have until 16th August (7am UK time, 2am ET) to purchase the battle pass and complete the Magneto quests.

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