The Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 map has now been revealed, and this new Fortnite map has plenty of fun Points of Interest for players to explore.


Check out the video above to see our roving reporter Cole Luke run, drive and scream his way around the new map in a bid to see all the new locations and reveal the entire map for himself.

As you can see, the Wasteland biome at the bottom/south end of the map is probably the most exciting new addition, with the vehicular combat of the Nitrodome being a particularly fun twist on the established gameplay.

To see the full map, look slightly further down this page! And we've got written descriptions, too, if that's your thing.

New Fortnite map overview: Full image with all Points of Interest

Here it is in full! Check out the image below to see the new Fortnite map in full, including all the points of interest like the new Nitrodome location. Redline Rig and Brutal Beachhead are also located in the orange Wastelander biome at the bottom/south end of the map.

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A screenshot of the new Fortnite map, completed, with all the points of interest named and marked.
A screenshot of the new Fortnite map, completed, with all the points of interest named and marked. Epic Games / Radio Times

So, what's changed on the battle royale island? Well, the Fortnite Battle Royale map has transformed into a post-apocalyptic wasteland, with a biome to the south being drenched in bright orange sand.

Along with the sand and a heap of industrial buildings, the island has also been invaded by a motley crew of grungy warriors, clad in metallic armour with outrageous names.

They’re all clearly inspired by the latest film in the Mad Max saga, Furiosa (albeit without any Mad Max branding in the game itself), as well as Amazon’s hit TV adaptation of the Fallout games, and so we can expect plenty of power armour and vehicular mayhem going forward.

As you would expect with any Fortnite themed update, there are also a bunch of new Points of Interest to visit. More on those in a moment.

A new map always tends to align with new skins, so check out the video below to see which fresh Fortnite outfits have been designed to go with this wasteland!

What are the Points of Interest on the new Fortnite map?

With any new map update, there are always new Points of Interest to visit in Fortnite. The only problem is, we may not get tons of time to soak up the sights while trying to fight off other players.

Anyway, here’s a list of what’s coming in the Chapter 5 Season 3: Wrecked update, according to the game’s official blog.


A punk looking industrial arena in Fortnite.
The Nitrodome looks like a skate park for cars.

The Nitrodome looks like a punk-themed skate park for cars. It is run by a character called Ringmaster Scarr, who acts as the master of ceremonies for all the vehicular mayhem that will inevitably take place here.

Brutal Beachhead

An enormous metallic shark beached on a sand dune.
This enormous shark is the base of operations for the wasteland warriors.

Fortnite’s official blog says that this enormous metallic shark ship is the base of operations for the maruading Wasteland Warriors, with the muscular Megalo Don also being located here.

It’s hard to not look at the huge structure without hearing Jason Statham, in his gruff London accent, utter "it’s a megalodon" just like he did in the 2018 film The Meg.

Redline Rig

Images of this rundown-looking building (top of page) show it to be an industrial refinery. The game’s website says it is run by The Machinist, who is a mechanic, and so we can envisage plenty of time spent here collecting Nitro Barrels for extra destruction.

That’s all you need to know about the changes to Battle Royale Island thanks to today’s update.

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