There's a lot to contend with in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3: Wrecked, but finding where Oscar is and getting his Frenzy Auto Shotgun can help make things that little bit easier.


It can be hard to wrap your head around what's new in the Fortnite map, but we have Oscar's location pinpointed so you can get the (literal) drop on them. Check it out in the video above, or keep reading for a written-out version.

Also new in the update are a whole host of outfits including some from Fallout as part of the Battle Pass, with a Magneto skin set to unlock later on in the season.

But Oscar is out there waiting to test your mettle, so let's get to it!

Where is Oscar in Fortnite?

A composite image of the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3: Wrecked map, displaying the whole map with the Clasy Courts location circld, and an image of the Classy Courts location zoomed in with an arrow pointing towards it
Oscar's location in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3. Epic Games

Oscar is found in the villa at the Classy Courts in the top right-hand part of the map.

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You can see exactly where in the screenshot above, or the video at the top of this article, if you prefer watching gameplay in motion when you're trying to work things out.

There may be a few players dropping in this location to get their hands on the Auto Frenzy Shotgun, so be sure to land and gear up as soon as possible.

A player in Fortnite gliding down towarda a villa, surrounded by pine trees.
The Villa where Oscar can be found in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3: Wrecked. Epic Games

There are usually some good drops in the villa itself. We landed on the balcony and quickly found a powerful sniper.

Alternatively, you could drop somewhere totally different and make your way to the villa later. But if you do that, another player might get to Oscar first.

Oscar won't attack you on sight, so you are safe to enter the house, so long as any other players aren't also trying to do the same thing.

How to defeat Oscar and get his shotgun

A screenshot of Fortnite showing the player interacting with Oscar, an antropomorphic Tiger, in a house.
En garde! Challenge Oscar to a duel to get his shotgun. Epic Games

You need to approach Oscar, interact with him by pressing the Action button, and challenge him to a duel to initiate combat. Once Oscar is defeated, you will receive his Auto Frenzy Shotgun.

After you initiate the duel, there will be a huge force of energy that will blow out the walls and push you away, creating some distance between you and Oscar.

You're going to want that distance because that Frenzy Auto Shotgun packs a mean punch, so we would recommend getting a ranged weapon like a sniper and landing as many headshots as you can.

A player in fortnite looking at the Frenzy Auto Shotgun after defeating Oscar.
The Frenzy Auto Shotgun ripe for the taking after defeating Oscar. Epic Games

Oscar will also throw grenades, so retreating to the tree-line for cover is a good idea too.

Once Oscar is defeated, the shotgun is all yours! Just remember to actually go and pick it up from wherever he dropped it.

This is actually the only way to get the shotgun in the game now as it was vaulted after being introduced in Chapter Five Season One.

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