With the introduction of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3: Wrecked comes a whole host of new characters, but one reigns supreme above them all, in our opinion - so here is why Peabody is the best skin this season.


You can also hear it from the horse's mouth in a video up above!

It’s not that the other skins in the battle pass aren’t good – there are a lot of good outfits in there, such as the Fallout power armour - but Peabody is just so clearly a cut above the rest that we thought we had to write about it.

If you dare disagree with us, we will crush you with the might of a thousand peas... or three - Phil, Earl and Axle - to be specific.

Still not convinced? Then let us lay bare the undeniable evidence before you. Read on, blaspheme!

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How to get Peabody in Fortnite

A composite picture showing Fortnite characters Peabody and the Snap Peabody variant, an anthropomorphic pea pod with three peas called Phil, Earl and Axle
Peabody and Snap Peabody. Epic Games

To get Peabody in Fortnite, you need to reach level 26 before they are available to unlock in the battle pass, or level 32 to unlock the Slap Peabody variant.

There are loads of great cosmetics that make up the Pea Bois set. We’re partial to the green Peabody, but Slap Peabody is definitely a badge of honour for those who have unlocked them.

To level up, you can undertake Wastelander Challenges as well as your daily quests to get your XP up.

But if you’re struggling to level up, check out the best Fortnite XP maps that will help give you a boost.

Why Peabody is the best Fortnite skin this season

A screenshot from Fortnite depicting Spiderman watering a giant pea pod, with one of them leaping out and singing.
The Pea Part Harmony Emote. Epic Games

Peabody is the best Fortnite skin this season because we just think they are neat.

Jokes aside, Phil, Earl and Axle (which spells Pea, by the way) join the ranks of Peely and Fishstick on the elite list of most creative and memorable Fortnite characters.

Collaborations are great, such as with the upcoming Magneto skin, but it is always nice to see the artists at Epic Games get to experiment with original designs.

You also don’t have to tirelessly grind away to reach them compared to other skins, such as Megalo Don.

That aside, the Pea Part Harmony Emote is hilarious, and is sure to get a good few laughs in the starting lobby.

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