Disney's streaming service was launched in 2020, and has enjoyed a roaring success here in the UK by offering a giant library of films and TV shows to subscribers. With both Disney's and Pixar's entire back catalogues available to stream along with the Marvel and Star Wars franchises, Disney Plus is now very much a legit rival to giants Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.


As of 23rd February 2021, the service's content literally doubled overnight with the launch of Star on Disney Plus. Star brings together old and new releases alike from Disney's wider creative studios (Fox, 20th Television) with a more adult audience in mind. It's also the reason that the Disney Plus subscription has jumped a little in price.

But how much does Disney Plus cost now that Star is included? And how does that price compare with other streaming services? Everything you need to know to get set up is below and you can head over to our best Disney Plus offers guide if you still need to secure a subscription.

How much does Disney Plus cost in the UK?

A Disney Plus subscription now costs £7.99 per month or £79.90 a year. We'll spare you the mental arithmetic: you save £15.98 if you purchase the year-long plan. This marks a £2 increase on the old monthly cost, and a £19.91 increase on the old annual cost.

The service costs US users $7.99 per month and $79.99 per year.

Is Star on Disney Plus free?

If you already have Disney+ you may be wondering whether you'll get Star thrown in for free, and as a new subscriber, will this cost you extra? The short answer is that Star is part of Disney+, not an optional addition. This means that as of 23rd February, if you're a new subscriber the cost increased to £7.99 a month (previously £5.99 a month). But if you are already subscribed to Disney+, you will continue to pay the old price until 23rd August, 2021.

It’s worth knowing that if your subscription finishes between 23rd February to 23rd August then you will need to pay the new price when you sign up again. However, Disney has confirmed that if you’re an existing annual UK subscriber and you renew before 23rd August you won’t get the new price until the next annual payment.

How much is Disney Plus a month?

Since the price increase that coincided with the Star launch, Disney Plus now costs £7.99 a month in the UK, or £79.90 a year.

Is Disney Plus cheaper for O2 customers?

Yes, members of the phone network can watch Disney Plus cheaper. You get a six-month trial if you switch to O2 or upgrade your contract.

If you're already a customer but not ready for an upgrade, you can add Disney Plus to your current O2 plan for £7.99 a month and the network will take £2 a month off your bill. You can see more details on the O2 site here.

Is Disney Plus cheaper than Netflix?

Well, that depends on what Netflix service you're paying for.

At £7.99 per month, the Disney+ monthly plan is pricier than the cost of Netflix’s Basic Plan ($8 a month/£5.99 a month), but it's also cheaper than Netflix’s Standard Plan ($12.99/£8.99).

And while Netflix’s Standard Plan only allows users to stream from two devices simultaneously, Disney+ will let customers use four devices at once.

Disney+ also comes in cheaper than Amazon Prime, which costs $12.99 per month in the US and £7.99 in the UK. Amazon Prime's video-only option, however, is £5.99 a month - but that doesn't give you access to any of Amazon's other services.

We're doubtful we'll see any new increases in Disney+ subscription costs for at least a year. Of course, that might change depending on whether the entertainment adds to its already vast roster of content. But our guess is that Disney won't want to disgruntle any more of its pre-existing subscribers by surprising them with another price hike any time soon.

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