With so many ways to watch Disney Plus in the UK, it's understandable if you're a bit confused! The RadioTimes.com Technology team are on hand to tell you the different ways to watch the streaming service, starting with how to watch it on an Amazon Fire TV Stick.


Disney Plus launched on the 24th March back in 2020, and it's available on the Amazon Fire Stick, and is compatible with Amazon Fire TV devices.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick already makes any TV into a Smart TV to give you access to all of your favourite videos, movies and shows on Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, and the BBC all in one place all in 4K Ultra HD.

If you don't have a Smart TV, the Amazon Fire Stick is a good option to make sure you can get Disney Plus on your TV. For a full rundown on what else is available, check out our Amazon Fire TV Stick channels guide.

Amazon Prime members get free delivery on the Amazon Fire TV Stick too. Read our Amazon Fire TV Stick review and Amazon Fire TV Cube review to see how the Amazon devices fare.

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Can I get Disney Plus on Amazon Fire Stick in the UK?

Yes, you can get Disney+ on Amazon Fire Stick in the UK.

Get Disney Plus from £4.99 per month

Can I watch Disney Plus on Amazon Fire Stick?

If you get Disney Plus on the Amazon Fire Stick, you can also use the 4K streaming media player remote with Alexa-enabled commands similar to the Echo Dot.

Simply launch the voice control by pushing the button on the remote and speaking into it — it really is that easy; all you need to say is 'Play Disney Plus', and you're away.

Get Disney Plus from £4.99 per month

How to install Disney Plus on Fire Stick

  1. Type Disney Plus in your search bar. It'll pop up, just select it from the list
  2. Choose the Disney Plus app in the Apps & Games section, then click 'Get' or 'Download'
  3. Disney Plus will download, then you'll get a prompt to open the app
  4. Open it or return to your home screen
  5. You can move the Disney Plus app to 'Your Apps' and 'Channels'; simply hover over it, click 'options' on the remote, and click 'move'
  6. All done!

Get Disney Plus from £4.99 per month

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Other compatible devices with Disney Plus

Disney Plus UK isn't just available on Amazon Fire Stick, it is also available on Android and Apple. PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S also have the app. Nintendo Switch is also compatible on your web browser. The app is also available on your smartphone to watch on the go, something Netflix users will be familiar with. Chromecast, Sky and Roku are other options too.

Sky struck a deal with Disney allowing Sky Q customers in UK and Ireland to pay for Disney Plus access so it seamlessly links up with their existing system. If you have NOW TV you can get it there, too.

Read our guide on what devices Disney+ is compatible with if you want more information. We also have a how to get Disney+ on your Smart TV guide.

Wondering whether Disney+ is worth it? As well as the classic content there is a whole host of original TV shows and films. Check out our list of everything you can watch on Disney Plus or best Disney+ TV shows or the best Disney+ films lists to find out what will be on the platform.

Get Disney Plus from £4.99 per month

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Plus, did you know that you can also watch Disney Plus on Apple TV?