From Disney classic films to new Star Wars TV shows, Marvel movies, Pixar treats, National Geographic docs and even The Simpsons, new streaming service Disney+ has a lot going for it.


Not only does the service host a gigantic library with over 7,500 television episodes and 1000 films, but subscribers also get exciting new titles, from the Obi-Wan Kenobi TV series, to much-hyped Marvel superhero shows like Wandavision and Hawkeye.

And that’s not all: Disney+ also comes at a very reasonable subscription price (£7.99 per month), with an annual cost of £79.99

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However, here’s one question you might be asking: how many screens can stream Disney+ simultaneously from the same account?

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Everything you need to know to get set up is below and you can head over to our best Disney Plus offers guide if you still need to secure a subscription.

How many people can watch Disney+ at once?

With one account you can stream Disney+ titles in HD or 4K across four separate devices at the same time.

How many profiles do you get on Disney+?

You can register up to seven different user profiles on one Disney+ account. You can also register ten different devices. This means you probably only need one Disney+ subscription for your entire household.

Disney+ also recently delighted fans by sharing new Frozen icons that subscribers can use on their profile.

How does this compare to Netflix and Amazon Prime?

Pretty well. Although you can also view up to four screens simultaneously if you’re a Netflix subscriber, you’ll have needed to sign up to the service’s premium plan (£11.99 a month, compared to Disney+’s £5.99 a month). Netflix’s standard plan (£5.99 p/m) only users to watch two screens at once.

You can stream up to three videos on Amazon Prime (which costs £7.99 per month).

Other streaming services, however, offer viewers more simultaneous viewing. While Britbox (£5.99 p/m) allows for five streams at once, Apple TV+ (£4.99 p/m) permits six devices to view titles simultaneously.

What devices can I watch Disney+ on?

The Disney+ app can be downloaded on most Android and Apple devices, plus most Smart TVs, game consoles (such as the PS4) and Smart TV sticks (such as the Amazon Fire).

You can register up to ten different devices on Disney+, but remember you can only stream to four of those at once.

Read more about Disney+ compatible devices.


You can also view Disney+ titles through a web browser via the main Disney+ site.