While Ariel wanted to be part of our world, we at RadioTimes.com would much rather be a part of hers.


As Disney releases its latest live-action version of The Little Mermaid, starring Halle Bailey, we find ourselves wishing we could join the Princess for her adventures under the sea.

But instead, we slave away out in the sun (sort of) and have to content ourselves with watching this magical movie on land – either in the cinema or when it comes out on Disney Plus.

In the meantime, we’ve put together this list of the best Little Mermaid gifts and merchandise to help you truly immerse yourself in the world of the film.

In this guide we’ve got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty, from Ariel dolls and LEGO sets to props and accessories from the film. We’ve also got costumes and clothing for all ages, and even a cosy mermaid tail blanket, so you can be a princess on land, in the sea and on the sofa.

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So, how many wonders can one article hold? Well, let’s find out…

Best The Little Mermaid gifts at a glance:

Best The Little Mermaid gifts and merchandise to buy in 2023

LEGO The Little Mermaid Royal Clamshell

Little Mermaid LEGO

Much like Ariel, we’re speechless at the intricacy and detail put into this The Little Mermaid LEGO set, featuring a whopping 1,808 pieces! This set features five minifigures, including Ariel, King Triton, and Ursula, and is set inside a beautiful conch shell, complete with all the ocean accessories. Most suitable for those aged 18+, this set would make an incredible display piece for a devoted Disney fan.

Buy LEGO The Little Mermaid Royal Clamshell for £139.99 at LEGO

The Little Mermaid Pin

Little Mermaid pin
Disney Store

Show your inner mermaid with pride, by sporting this delicate Little Mermaid pin. Starring Ariel and her friends, this enamelled pin will add a splash of colour to any outfit, aquatic or otherwise.

Buy The Little Mermaid Pin for £12 at Disney Store

Ariel Inspired Mickey Ear Headband

Little Mermaid mickey mouse ears

If you’re planning on heading to Disneyland any time soon, you can’t be seen anywhere near the place without a pair of Mickey Mouse ears. So why not take a look at this stunning set, featuring sequins in Ariel’s signature green and purple, plus a trusty dinglehopper!

While we’re on the subject, you can also check out our guide to how to get cheap Disneyland tickets.

Buy Ariel Inspired Mickey Ear Headband from £9 at Etsy

Ariel & Friends Funko Pop Figurine

Little Mermaid funko pop

Funko Pop figures have become huge in recent years, with this one showing off the new Ariel in all her cuteness, as well as Flounder and Sebastian. They’re a great display item for a bookshelf or desk and can remind you of the characters you love in a neat little package.

Buy Ariel & Friends Funko Pop Figurine for £36.99 at EMP UK

The Little Mermaid Limited Edition Costume for Kids

Little Mermaid costume
Disney Store

For all the little princesses out there, you can step into Ariel’s shoes (or fins) with this Little Mermaid limited edition costume. Best suited for ages four to 10, this outfit will transform you into a beautiful mermaid with its sparkly top and tail.

Buy The Little Mermaid Limited Edition Costume for £75 at Disney Store

The Little Mermaid co-ord mesh skirt and top

Little Mermaid ASOS

For all you poor unfortunate souls who are perhaps too old for a costume, never fear. ASOS has created a collection of Little Mermaid-themed outfits that will get you looking and feeling like a princess. This particular pick features a matching top and skirt with a bubbly ocean design that you can float around in while trying to remember the lyrics to Under the Sea.

Buy The Little Mermaid co-ord mesh skirt and top for £52 at ASOS

Swimming Mermaid Gold Wristwatch

Little Mermaid watch

What time is it? Time to jazz up your jewellery with this gold Little Mermaid wristwatch. Functioning as both a watch and a bracelet, this piece has a swimming mermaid on the outside, and then you open the lid to reveal a clockface featuring a picture of our favourite Disney Princess.

Buy Swimming Mermaid Gold Wristwatch for £42.99 at EMP UK

Ariel Swimsuit

Little Mermaid swimming costume

Want to feel like a mermaid as well as looking like one? Buy this swimsuit featuring Ariel’s famous look (clam shell bra and all) and dive down into the sea for yourself.

Buy Ariel Swimsuit for £46.99 at EMP UK

The Little Mermaid Ariel Doll

Little Mermaid doll

A rite of passage for many children, this is the chance to gift your little one a brand new Ariel doll. This particular Fashion Doll has moveable arms and fins so you can put her in any pose, and also has a full head of hair that can by styled however you like.

Buy The Little Mermaid Ariel Doll for £20 at Argos

The Little Mermaid Ariel Flap Wallet

Little Mermaid purse
Truffle Shuffle

Shop like Sebastian with this Little Mermaid wallet, featuring an illustration of Ariel and Flounder. From Truffle Shuffle, the wallet is made of faux leather and has a ton of pockets for all your different cards. Plus, it’s finished with a shiny Disney Loungefly metal badge.

Buy The Little Mermaid Ariel Flap Wallet for £39.99 at Truffle Shuffle

LEGO The Little Mermaid Story Book

Little Mermaid LEGO SET
The Minifigure Store

For the younger LEGO fans, specifically aged 5+, you can relive the magical story over and over with The Little Mermaid Story Book. This set includes three areas from the film, Ariel’s cave, Ursula’s lair and Eric’s library. It also features the three main characters and props like Ariel’s statue and Ursula’s throne.

Buy LEGO The Little Mermaid Story Book for £17.99 at The Minifigure Store

The Little Mermaid Denim Jacket

Little Mermaid jacket
Disney Store

This Little Mermaid denim jacket will easily liven up your everyday clothes. Designed for adults, this jacket has a collage of stitched-on colourful reeds and coral, as well as a picture of Ariel on the back. Plus it also features the inspirational words “Ready to stand” so you’re always ready to take on the day.

Buy The Little Mermaid Denim Jacket for £55 at Disney Store

The Little Mermaid Conch Shell Necklace

Little Mermaid necklace

Inspired by Ariel’s necklace from the movie, this conch shell can show your love for Disney in a much more understated way. It comes in gold and silver and is available to buy now on Etsy.

Buy The Little Mermaid Conch Shell Necklace from £6.99 at Etsy

Mattel Ursula Doll

Little Mermaid Ursula
Disney Store

If, like us, you love a good villain, you might want to look at this doll of the evil sea witch, Ursula. Played in this new movie by Melissa McCarthy, Ursula has a completely new look to fit her wicked heart. The doll version has fully moveable arms and tentacles, as well as a conch necklace accessory and brushable hair.

Buy Mattel Ursula Doll for £29.99 at Disney Store

The Little Mermaid Tail Blanket

Little Mermaid tail
Disney Store

Last but not least, is the mermaid tail blanket. Brought to you by the Disney Store, this allows you to sit like a princess on a rock singing your heart out, while really you’re in front of the TV asking your partner for a cup of tea. What could be better than that?

Buy The Little Mermaid Tail Blanket for £45 at Disney Store

Pandora Sebastian Crab Dangle Charm

little mermaid pandora charm

Jazz up your favourite bracelet with this Sebastian charm by Pandora. The jewellery brand has a whole range of Little Mermaid pieces, giving Disney fans an ocean of possibilities, from this dancing crab to an Ursula ring.

Buy Pandora Sebastian Crab Dangle Charm for £55 at Pandora

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